I reached a lifelong goal of all 50 states: Thank you Alaska

I have been quite fortunate in life to have forged a career which led me to be able to travel. Growing up, I never would have fathomed the amount of places I have been able to visit. I grew up poor in the South Bronx where a lot of individuals often didn’t make it past a 20 block radius. I won’t go through my history but being labeled gifted helped me get on the path on which I have journeyed career-wise and travel-wise (literally).

Because of my career-path, I have been able to travel extensively and also accumulate many miles and hotel points. I have also lived in 23 cities. It actually may be more by now. I stopped counting a few years back. I have been able to experience, as a result, many cultures. I have been a cultural diplomat, of sorts.

And, in all my travels both domestically and internationally, I have dreamt of sleeping and going to all 50 states in the United States. This year, I was determined to meet a major life goal. I didn’t want the pandemic to stop my dreams.

Hence, today I write to you from the glorious state of Alaska. By being here today, I have reached the 50 state club. I have been to all 50 states and what a journey it has been. Growing up, I wanted to explore more than the Bronx. And, early on in life I got the fabulous opportunity to live abroad in Spain. Since then I have had wanderlust.

The most important part of this, however, is that I set a life goal and I have achieved it. This life goal may not be for everybody. However, it was mine. And, I am grateful to all who helped me along the way to achieve it.

Now, why did I come to Alaska in December instead of the summer on a cruise. Because, I was going all in, hard-core. My life has never been easy. And, that’s ok. I always try to make the best of things.

With that, I sure hope I don’t get frostbite. And, I’m somewhat hoping Sarah Palin will reach out to me.

Here’s to achieving life goals.

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  1. SMiLes How Wonderful Dear Miriam
    Accomplishing And Embracing All Your

    Travel Dreams All Fifty States Hard for

    me to Imagine Rarely Traveling More than

    20 Miles Around my Metro Area Now
    True New Anymore And i Tend

    to Oh No Fall Asleep Hehe
    Driving True Though Seeing

    The Signs of People’s All Around
    The World in the World Market Place in Pics in

    The Mall The Place Where i Live is So Beautiful

    And Diverse in Environment as Even

    Assessed As A Most Diverse Place
    For Wild Life to Live Hehe

    Including even
    the Different of me

    Yet True i Wanted to Travel
    To Meet People All Around the
    World Like That Place We Visited
    Epcot Center of Disney World too

    Yes i Wanted to Feel “It’s A Small
    World After ALL” And Yes Globally

    i Wing Free Avatar All 244 American

    Pounds Squeezing Through Fiber Optic

    Cables at Close to the Speed oF LiGHT And

    Even Faster Lasting At the Quality of LoVE iN Peace

    Good Vibrations

    of Travel Life

    Indeed Thank

    God For All the
    Geeks and Nerds

    That Made this Possible at All
    Yet True i Don’t Have an Electric
    Car or a Personal Space Ship Yet

    Fiber Optic Cables Will Do Squeezing
    All of me Through Uploading my SouL
    Practically Free in Dance And Song in Flow

    And True the Real Garden of Eden is through
    This 24 Inch Window of my Bedroom Through Eternity New Now

    And Just A Dance Step Naked Enough Whole Complete Out of my


    Door For Real

    Wow To Have it
    All in 3 Dance And
    SonG Feet of SoUL
    At My Finger Tips Dancing
    And iMac 27.1 Screen too Hehe…

    Hmm i Never Thought About ‘Sarah
    Palin Reaching Out to me in Alaska’

    Yet True Just Like When i am A Child
    As My Mother Said Before i Could Speak
    At 4 i Had Open Arms Out for Every Stranger

    Not Often i Exclude Someone Unless They Are
    Trying to Sell Another Used Car Warranty for
    my Bullet Proof 8-And-A-Half-Year-Old Honda-Civic

    And For that
    ‘Matter With

    Things’ Selling

    Anything Else

    As i am Not in the

    Market for Buy and Sale Souls..:)


  2. Congratulations on going to all 50 states. I’ve only been to 34, if I have counted correctly, and a couple of these (West Virginia, Utah) are only from going through on the train. All I saw of Hawaii was a nice sunset, seen at the airport while our plane was being re-tanked. (It was a Boeing 707, the latest model at the time.)


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