current events

In Gratitude for all that is

Grateful to be alive

Grateful to have my awesome son

Grateful to my family and friends

Grateful to great people in my life

Grateful to those who have held my hand

Grateful to those who have lent an ear

Grateful to those who’ve given me the shirts off their backs

Grateful to be able to laugh at all things small and large

Grateful for quesadillas

Grateful for mojitos

Grateful for gnocchi

Grateful for skinny jeans

Grateful for my combat boots

Grateful for my glasses

Grateful for streaming services

Grateful for music

Grateful for silly magazines

Grateful that in every room there is something for which to be grateful

Grateful to all of you

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  1. Gratitude
    The Highway
    The Attitudes

    That Become Heaven
    For Real Within Particularly

    Transforming DarK iNto LiGHT

    Thanks Giving For Giving So Many
    Inspring MuSinGS Poetry And Art

    Away For
    Free As Peace Dear Miriam
    And Yes LoVE Rises THiS WaY..:)


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