Glass Onion and detective Benoit Blanc’s Disruptors Just Desserts

Glass Onion is the second time I go to the movie theatre in a rather long time. There are a number of reasons for that, including a pandemic but also I tend to prefer the movie theatre in Los Angeles. The horror! I said something bad about my beloved New York. Anyway, the first being Wakanda Forever. I’ve yet to write about it. Suffice it to say I had mixed feelings about it.

I was excited to see Glass Onion, even though I just kept calling it Knives Out sequel. I loved Knives Out and as such it was a compliment that I couldn’t remember the name Glass Onion. Even now I’m hoping I’m getting the name right.

Anyway, excitedly Detective Benoit Blanc is back. He’s still fun, insightful and a bit deceitful on the vein of finding the truth. I can’t tell you which truth, as it will spoil the plot for you. But there are several truths to be uncovered. Of course. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it may seem.

I find it quite prescient that the plot revolves around disruptors, who are not really disruptors. Instead they are puppets. They are fake disrupters. Most of the characters are abhorrent. There’s the leader of the pack, Miles Bron, who seems a bit like an Elon Musk caricature. All the characters are hollow and you marinade in that swallow with them.

Throughout the movie, I kept thinking of the various Forbes’ magazine covers that seem to glorify so-called genius billionaires who eventually scammed the world. I’m thinking of  Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, for one.

Then there is also Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto billionaire so admired in society and who also was on the cover of Forbes.

As the movie points out in its own way, we allow ourselves to buy into these myths and scams. It’s a twisted version of modern-day fairytales. The question becomes do the wretched get their just desserts? If detective Benoit Blanc is on the case, they sure do.

I welcome your thoughts

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