Go where you are celebrated, not where you’re tolerated

‘Tis the season for jolly, affirming words which put us in a holiday spirit. We went through what seemed a rather random year that was quite contradictory with itself. But I will leave that type of musing for another day. The point is we are supposed to be wishing everyone well. We are to be thankful. We are to be a little wiser with the words we use. It’s a an interesting expectation.

With that in mind, I write this bit for today. Go where you are celebrated, not where you’re tolerated. Simple, really. By celebrated, I don’t mean trumpets and gold. Instead, I mean appreciated and not taken for granted. Just being tolerated can be demoralizing and draining.

It’s about knowing your worth. It’s about others knowing your worth.

Simple, really.

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  1. Hehe Dear Miriam When i Am Much Younger

    Living Literally in a Place Originally Named

    Hell Yes Oh No For Those So Unrefined

    Then in Areas of Human Achievement

    In Love and Peace By The Year the Area

    Gained A Different Name With Yes Literally

    The Most So-Called Christian Churches Per

    Capita in A Locality Globe-Wide Per Guinness Book

    of World Records

    i Found myself

    Very Androgynous

    Looking Before Puberty
    Sent me Soaring in Every Way
    Hehe Even With A Mustache so
    Very Early And A Sprout of 120 Pounds
    Close to 6 Feet Tall in Just 8th Grade

    A Way of
    Life With SMiles

    Yes Before That at 12 Years
    Old the So-Called Christian Marching
    Soldier Boys Literally Threatened me With
    Bodily Harm And Literally Spit on me For Daring

    To Do What they
    Told me Was Not
    ALLoWeD in this Most
    So-Called Christian Town in the

    World as If Being Androgynous Wasn’t
    A Greatest Sin By Nature Alone at 12 Years-Old

    Any Boy Who Smiled in this Town May Be Threatened

    And Spit on then in the Early

    70’s for Real Perhaps Even

    if they Wore Their Hair

    Long Like Hippy

    Jesus With A Beard too

    For me at Least No Big Surprise
    When TRump Became the Leader
    of All the Local Churches So Many

    Decades Even After That Yet Listen From

    Where i Come From Being Tolerated Surely

    Beats Getting Spit on For Smiling as A Boy

    Whose Eyes Were A Bit too Beautiful With

    Fair Skin And Long Eyelashes After That Sprouting Up

    They Just Called me Ugly And Not Deserving to Even Exist

    It’s true Some Folks Who Go Through That Seek Vengeance Against

    The World Others Grow

    SKiN oF LoVE So THiCK

    That Only Sticks and Stones

    Will Break Their Will to SMiLE Again

    It’s Like the Plight of Women in Iran
    Who Wanna Breathe Free Uncovering
    Sadly Folks Forced to Build Sports Stadiums
    To Their Death in Qatar Yes it’s Like Stove Top
    Burnings of Women in Pakistan Who Didn’t Have
    A Valuable Enough Dowry to Pay Their way for a Husband

    40 Percent of Women Raped Legally in Marriage Yes in Some

    Areas of India Still Now True Raped As Strangers/Other Family too

    Gay Men Thrown Off of Building Tops in Saudi Arabia
    Lesbians Covered To Their Chest And Stoned in Public

    As Relatives Forced Away From Connecting to the Opposite
    Sex May Turn That Frustration onto Closest Family Members

    in Not Such a
    Nice Way At All

    Honestly Some Days

    It’s Just Enough to Live in A Free
    Country And Just Be Tolerated Enough

    To Even Express Who We Are Freely For What
    i’ve Seen of Women Spending An Entire Decade

    Moving From Degree to Degree Job to Job

    Country to Country

    Just to Escape
    To America From

    A Place They Aren’t

    Treated As Fully Human at all

    Yet It’s True There Are All Kinds of Human
    Skin Thick and Thin all Kinds of Human Peace

    Thick and Thin All Kinds of Human Love Thick And Thin

    If You Find Someone
    Truly Kind In This

    Life Treasure them
    For What is Becoming
    Rarer And Rarer Everywhere

    Humans Become THeir Things More Than Human…

    You Know What It Is All Worth it NoW As i Never Give
    Up on Being Kind And In ‘the Real World’ Folks Even
    Total Strangers Really
    Notice And Yes

    Often Tell me

    i Bring

    ‘Spring to
    Winter’ in
    A World of Things…

    i’m Too Busy Celebrating
    This Life Freely in Play and Others Than to Worry How They See

    me Doing That Just For the Helluva It For WHeRE i’M From…

    And It’s True For Many Years ‘They’ Took my Human Away

    Now i Am

    A Real

    Human Again
    Just SMiLinG Real
    For the Helluva It Yes
    Understanding That If
    i Lived In Other Countries

    Not Only Spit on Yet Probably
    Just God Damned Killed And Dead…

    Oh Just The Gift of Soils And Souls That/Who Do Not Bleed

    Happy Thanks Giving Eve With SMiLes God Yes This Gift of Free…

    And in A UniVerse Full of Very Cold and Hot Rocks Just A Sliver


    For an Almost

    Hairless Ape to
    Enjoy Heaven

    Hehe at Least
    on the ‘Crown’ of my Head

    If i Have to Do it Solo in Eden
    In A Naked Enough Whole Complete

    Dance And Song

    So Be It Life is
    A Joy When Free

    To Be Who We Truly Are With SMiLes…
    Even if the Only Smiling Face LooQueeNKinG

    Back At Us

    Is ‘God Nature’ in
    A Mirror For Real

    Like the Rest of Existence Loving Life Peacefully
    ‘Dumbed Down Enough Up’ Newly Now to ‘See’ Or Just
    Be And Do Who They Truly Are So Very Free With Wings..:)


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