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Eureka: I got my word!

As some of you may know by now, I pick a word for the year every year. It’s meant to be motivational. It’s meant to be aspirational. It’s meant to keep me focus. As I’ve noted previously when I first picked the word “joy” it actually seemed to work. I was determined to not let people steal my joy. Or steal my sunshine. When I recently recycled that as my word of the year, it did not have the same impact. It actually landed as a dud. My space was not ready for that. I needed to climb out of some emotional holes.

Today, I feel differently. I’m ready for joy. However, that will not be my word. As I was doing chores and tasks, it hit me. I had a eureka moment. My word was going to be traveler. I kept singing the song I am the Passenger by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Yes, theirs was an Iggy Pop cover. Regardless, I love that song. One of my favorite songs that can get me to always to dance. But I am not to be a passenger. That’s too passive for my life right now. I am to be a traveler. I am to explore and find new gems and discover new cultural norms. I’m in a fun, discovery frame of mind. There is more to life than these few 20 miles and a lot of work deliverables.

I feel the need for new places and things outside my comfort zone. I am the traveler.

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  1. Ah Yes Traveling Out of Comfort Zones Dear
    Miriam Exploring Vast Unknown Frontiers Yes

    And Not Just As An Actor ‘Captain James T Kirk’

    Actually Blasting Off Into Space

    To Find WHere YouR HoMe

    AcTuAlly Is No Matter

    How Far i Travel

    or Close

    A HoMe Now
    i Create More New

    Colorful to SMiLe Traveling Free Yes

    For Even Quantum Mechanics Suggests

    The SMallest Contains the Allest Without

    This Understanding Our Life May Indeed

    Come to Be A Long Journey of Nothing

    Much More Than S And M i’ve Seen

    That Journey Up Close and

    Far Away Traveler

    i Am to Be

    So Very Far

    Remaining Close For All

    No Matter How SMall the
    Distance Long Way HoMe HeaR NeW NoW ALL

    So Much Like ‘Dorothy’ and ‘Jodie Foster’ Finally
    Finding ‘Contact’


    HoMe For ReaL
    All NeW Colors STiLL
    GeNeRaTiNG From WiTHiN

    Eternally Within Inside Outside ABoVE
    So BeLoW And All Around God Yes HoMe

    No WHeRE

    Left to Go NoW From:

    EVeRYWHeRE to: BREaTHE Freer NeW…

    TRuE Dear Miriam Too BoRinG To Stay
    WHeRE PuT

    Yes Traveler
    Breathes Now
    Fresh New Air..:)


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