Ok, killed it…in not a great way

I often tell people give me a microphone and I’m a total diva. Afterwards, I crawl into a sofa or into a corner and wish the world away. That’s an extroverted introvert for you. But I have majorly digressed as this is not at all what I had in mind to discuss. There I go again on own road of digression.

Moving on.

There are times when I know I nailed it! I just know I crushed it. I’m pretty confident in my storytelling ways. However, occasionally I don’t put my best foot forward or even worse, I get bored midway through some “production”. That could be a media interview or, even, a job interview. And, afterwards I say to myself “boy, did I kill a horrifically bad way.” Then, I pause to think about why that was and whether I need some course correction. Then more often than not I laugh at myself.

I have learned to laugh at myself and poke fun of myself. It’s good to laugh and not always be so hard on oneself. I did so this past Nonday where I was in the middle of something that I realized I didn’t really want to be caught up in. I then realized I didn’t need to try so hard. And, sure enough I bombed. At least in my eyes. And, I was ok. I’m even sharing it with you.

In some ways, I feel a sense of relief. I can keep it moving onwards as I know I do not wish to settle or do things for which I don’t feel passion. Be true to oneself. It’s not always easy but it’s ok to just not crush it.

I welcome your thoughts

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