Maybe I’ve been watching too many vampire shows

I love vampire shows. It’s an odd thing that I do considering that I can’t stand the sight of blood. Talk about internal conflict. I’m both fascinated and nauseated. That can actually hold true for many of my life’s situations; including my walks to work. Such is life.

Back to the undead. I know there was a time in popular culture where vampires were all the rage. Is there a pun in there somewhere? Nah. Ok. Moving on. Regardless of its status in popular culture, vampires have and will always fascinate me.

Lately, I’ve been binge watching the Vampire Diaries. I had actually never seen the first season although I know how the series ends. I’m one of those people who also loves to read a book ending first before I start reading it. There is a mighty big group of similar people. There has arisen, with this binge-watching I’ve been consumed with, some side-effects.

I have been waking up with this voracious hunger similar to that of a vampire in transition. I keep wondering if I’m becoming one but sadly I can’t compel anyone to do anything. Then today, as I was walking to work, I notice a man seemingly avoiding the sunny parts of the sidewalk. He truly looked like a vampire who is afraid of the sunlight touching him. Well, that’s how he looked to me. He very well could have been playing some weird hopscotch game by himself. This is New York, afterall.

Everywhere I look someone looks as if they are a vampire of some sorts. I keep expecting a looming voice-over noting how back in 1862 everything was so different. I hope I get through this binge-watching phase soon.

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  1. I went through the same binge watching Vampire Diaries stage back in 2019. Looking back, it was some sort of coping mechanism, lol. Escapism, that is what it was. I LOVED season 1 of VD when I was a sweet innocent lass of 15-16. So rewatching now brings back feelings of nostalgia for the time when life was easy. Also, you live in New York!!!! I am certain there are some vampires there. Perhaps not the magical sort, but I guarantee you there are the dark underbelly of the earth sort lurking about that old busy city with its creaking infrastructure 😀

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  2. I’ll watch just about anything with vampires in it. The only exception I can think of is a vampire movie called “Forsaken” which was so bad even *I* turned it off, and that has to tell you something …

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