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Mom: I know you’re with me especially during the lunar eclipse

Happy birthday mom. Had she been alive she would be thrilled and skipping along. Her birthday. Election day. A lunar eclipse. It wouldn’t have gotten any better than that.

I don’t know what type of day lies ahead of me today. There are sone ofd, weird vibes out there today. But, I do know she’s with me and would have a feel for the day.

Happy birthday. Enjoy the show, mom.

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  1. SMiLes Happy Birthday to Your Mother Dear Miriam
    Surely A Pivotal Day It is in American History Per Elections

    Per Say
    And Do

    Starting With A
    Full Blood Red Moon Eclipse

    Thanks For Sharing the Photos
    My Writing Didn’t Last Long Enough

    Last Night to See it although i am still
    Getting adjusting to the Change of Hours

    Staying Up Much
    Later than Usual
    With that Gift of
    An Extra Hour of Early Night…

    i Feel Rather Pleased About This Election
    As the ‘A’ Word is Not Nearly As Present as

    It Has Been in the Past in Terms of Civic Duties
    to Keep Democracy Well Oiled and Functioning
    At Least For More of ‘We the People’ True Without

    Attention Span And Focus in A Nation Where Science
    Assesses the Average Human Propensity for this as
    Less than A Gold Fish Less than 3 Seconds As It Takes

    Almost ‘The Devil Incarnate’ Whatever Clothes Folks
    Decide The Devil Wears or Does Not Hehe Any WAY NEW NOW


    Somedays ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Are JUST Not Enough

    The Historic ‘A’ Word of Apathy Becomes
    Defeated By The Forces of Human

    Passions That Motivate Change in

    All the Ways Change Happens

    And Human Emotions too

    As ‘Caesar’ Said in the
    Newer ‘Planet of the
    Apes’ Series of Movies

    Thumping His Chest
    “Apes Stronger Together”

    And It Doesn’t Matter Where They
    Come From or Where They Are Going

    As Long as Furry Apes or Apes with Less

    Hair Do Stand Together i’ve Seen THeiR

    ‘Masses’ Indeed They Are a Force to Be Reckoned


    ‘The Elites’…

    Nature Doesn’t Care
    About What Clothes We
    Wear only in the Caste And Case of
    Social Animals What We Accomplish
    in Bonds And Binds of NiGHT or Day ToGeTHeR

    i Suppose it Depends on Which Side of the Moon We Reside…


    Or Awake…

    Anyway Bless Your
    Mother Your Son
    On This Special
    Day All Yours With SMiLES..:)

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