A dog deep in contemplation mode

Dogs are rather simple pets. They love. They eat. They snuggle up. They bark orders at you. You obey. They fill our lives with love. We pet, touch and hug. They are loyal. They went through the dark, pandemic days with us.

Have you ever wondered what a dog thinks about all day. At times they seem to be deep in contemplative mode.

When they stare off into space, I often wonder if they are daydreaming of running through a field. Perhaps they are dreaming of treatland. Or they are meditating hoping to have peace of mind around us nosy, noisy humans.

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  1. SMiLes So Many Smells
    And Sounds Humans
    Cannot Possibly

    Feel and Sense
    For ReaL A Dog’s

    Life So Much More
    Than Human Mastering
    Us For Peace And Love Free


    Free Loading
    Loving Life For Real
    Never Questioning the
    Purpose to Breathe (LiVENoW)..:)


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