Words, words, words

Two months left until we hit the New Year. And, I honestly do not know or can even vaguely imagine what that new year will bring.

Right around this time of the year I start reminiscing and looking back at both highlights and lowlights. And, I’ve had plenty of both. While I do this lookback, I tend to try to imagine how the new year will be different. I know for sure, I must lose weight next year. I know for sure, I need to do more travel. I know for sure, I need new paths. That’s all I know. I think.

As I look forward, I also tend to come up with my word for the new year. I’ve recycled the word “joy” a couple of times. One year that word really did inspire me. In another year, that word fizzled.

What can I consider for my word this time around? The word “unexpected” comes to mind. As does “surprise”. As does “leap of faith”. Technically, that’s a phrase. Maybe my word should be “monster” and just leave it open to interpretation.

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  1. Smiles Dear Miriam my Word For 2022

    Is #Play2022 And Truly Naked Enough
    Whole Complete Will Do As Play continues

    Freer THiS WaY

    So DiVerse Perhaps

    The Word Play And Do Will Be Worth

    Keeping The Rest of mY Life Freer With SMiLes

    Play Do Or Do Play THere is No Try Just Do Play

    With SMiLes..:)


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