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Meteor showers and lunar eclipses: November is here to taunt us

I tend to both like and dislike the month of November. My mom was born in November. That’s reason enough to love the month. The leaves further turn and a cold wispy air comes into play. That’s a good reason to like the month.

Yet, November is also elections time and the air is filled with lies, innuendoes, and wackiness. While it’s important to vote, elections have also become too expensive, prolonged, and outrageous. Hence, November is a bit of a bummer. Also, while the concept of Thanksgiving is a great one (that of gratitude), I do not care for turkey. November makes one sleepy.

With that said, we do gain an hour this weekend. Daylight savings time will end at 2 a.m local time on Nov. 6. People in states that observe it will move their clocks back one hour. But, I have to admit I don’t really do not anything with that hour and my body just becomes discombobulated. By the way, I love the word discombobulated. It’s fun. And, sometimes too accurate. But, I do digress a bit.

Speaking of being discombobulated, November does have two upcoming cool things to be on the look out for. This November, we will have the chance to catch more than one meteor shower and the last lunar eclipse of 2022. Pretty cool. We can wander the streets of New York (pepper spray in hand- I joke) looking up at the sky. New York is pretty at night with all its lights. Which, of course, may make catching some of these momentous sky moments a bit difficult. Hence, November is a bit if a vexing and taunting month.

Enjoy it, if you can.

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  1. True What Could Go Wrong in November
    Dear Miriam With A Loss of An Hour in the
    Evening Light on November 6th Or A Total
    Lunar Eclipse The Last One Until 2025 on

    Election Day Denying November 8th and
    Such As That Fresh Hell Burning

    Democracy And Such That Way

    Well The Birds Bees And Butterflies

    And Furry Climbing Squirrels As Such

    Just Don’t Give An
    F in the Garden of
    Eden True Sunshine Remains
    The Same When Ya Don’t Go to Work For Pay

    True too

    Yes i Already
    Voted As Far As Politics
    Goes Yep That Just About
    All We Can Do When The Circus ComeS AGAiN

    Painted Orange Painted Orange in Hopes for the
    “Great TRuMPKin” Again WHeRE And When It’s
    Always Halloween When Lies Become Truth For

    The “Locals”
    THiS WaY When
    in Rome When Ya
    Go In Town Ya Just
    Hold Ya Nose And Dance Free Some More

    Indeed ‘They’ Work For me Continually THiS WaY

    There Are Two Kinds of Minions Yes Minions of Free

    And the
    Other YucK

    PLace iNDeeD…

    Other Than That
    Happy For Giving
    Thanks Giving Why Not
    Do It Now And Never Wait
    Turkeys Turkeys Everywhere..:)


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