Greenland: I’m thinking of you

I’ve been trying to plan my Alaska trip with little success as I get caught up in a number of other more-urgent tasks. But, I really do need a vacation. And, it really has to be Alaska.

With that in mind, I did wake up thinking of the movie Smila’s Sense of Snow. It was a haunting movie from what I can remember. It was very moody and had a bizarre twist of some sort. What it was, I cannot remember. I suppose that I could look it up. However, that’s not the point.

I remember wanting to travel to Greenland. I still do. My grand urge to go to Alaska amplifies my desire to go to Greenland. It’s the largest island. And, only has a total population of 55,000 people (give or take a few thousands).

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  1. Currently 44 F in Anchorage, Alaska
    Currently 50 F in New York, New York
    Currently 27 F in


    And Currently
    46 F Where i Live
    in NorthWest Florida

    Yet It’s True We Don’t Nearly
    Have the Northern Lights of Greenland
    These Days of the Year or Any Days So Verily

    Yes That’s a Difference i See Heading for the
    Mountains and Snow And Generally Speaking
    Ice of Greenland True Yet Burr Barely Above
    Freezing All January Long Yet of Course

    Ideal if You Are Seeking

    Bone Chilling


    Even if it is
    Not Halloween

    Hehe Dear Miriam
    Chills And Cheers to Adventure ThiS Way

    i Love Cold Weather Yet my Wife Hates it
    With A Passion As Her Genetics is From
    the Warm Pacific Islands Hehe Starting
    From the Black Forest of my Great Grandfather
    in Germany Immigrating to Ireland to Marry A Woman
    From Their And Finally the Panhandle Florida Seeding in
    A Place Growing in A Place of Paradise Enough Never to

    Have Much Desire
    to Leave This Area
    At All Really And Sure

    There Are Positive and
    Negative Aspects of Heaven ThiS Way

    Namely Not Getting to See the Rest of the
    Word on Foot at Least more Than Avatar Online Hehe..:)


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