Today was the day she had dreaded since childhood

She stared at the prickly flowers. They were beautiful. They were rough. They were fiery yet gentle. They were like her mother. And, today was the day she had dreaded since childhood.

She put on her black dress. She grabbed a shawl and a hat. She held her son’s hand and looked down at his tiny body. One day, he might have this awful, dreaded feeling as well. We leave legacies behind. We leave feelings of mourning forever more. She had never wanted to feel this. But such was the cycle of life. She wiped her tears and headed out to face her greatest fear come true.

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  1. So Truly Gut Wrenching This Poem About Your
    Mother’s Passing Dear Miriam As It’s True When

    No One is on A Child’s Side it is often A Mother Who
    Is the Only one Left Standing By Your Side And i Surely

    Experienced That More Than Once in my Life Most of All i Wanted

    to Be the Strong One At The End When She Needed me as i Fell More Than
    Once And Toward Her Very End Just Another 66 Months She Was Forced to

    Hold the World up For
    me When i Didn’t Wanna
    Be Here at All With A Pain
    And Numb most Human Beings
    Don’t Understand Exists Yet Again

    When i Asked her Why me Yet Again When

    i Asked her Why Me When Again i Asked her

    Why me She Said Why Not You Yet She Also Said
    This Too Will Pass As True She Saw the Dark too

    When She Didn’t Think She Could Handle Raising Two
    Children With A Husband Who Ended Up Being A Silent
    Force of No Emotional Support At All Yet As She Felt She was

    Grasping Toward Her Last Straw She Related A Vision of A Man
    With the Greenest Eyes She Ever Saw Without a Word From Then

    On She Gained The Faith That Every Little Thing is Gonna Work Out Okay

    It’s True at my Lowest Point i Had A Similar Vivid Half Waking Dream in
    Hell And Pain and Numb
    From the Beginning Of Hell
    A Woman With Fiery Red Hair
    And The Greenest Eyes Ever Hovering
    Over my Bed With Just The Faintest of What
    Was Left Over Possible For Hope for me and True

    it Didn’t Make me Feel Like Every Little Thing is Gonna
    Be Alright Yet It Did Surpass What My Mechanical Cognition
    Only Logical Brain All Left Hemisphere Reduced Mind Saw As Possible

    Before in my Existence

    Anyway Recovering i Was Strong For my
    Mother Then As She Went Without Food
    or Drink in Hospice for Those Lasts 8 Days
    to Go the way She Wanted to Go as Natural as
    Possible She Got to LiVE Her Whole Life and the
    Last Two Years with No More than A Bayer Aspirin
    For Cancer that Spread from Breast to Bones to Brain
    Bleeding Defeating my Sister in a Game of Scrabble two

    Days Before Her
    Hospice Death Bed

    And as i’ve Related Before Here too
    When She Passed Away i Realized Her
    Flame Her HeART Her SPiRiT Her SoUL
    Of Unconditional Giving Sharing Caring
    Healing Love Was the Torch she Passed on to
    me only to Spread Some More And Then i Understood

    Why Some Folks Need “Jesus” So Much As They May have Not
    Had the Female Version With Brown Eyes And The Fairest Skin
    of them All As My Father’s Mother Related About Her Glowing Fair Skin

    Some Humans Are Born
    to Love And Never Give it Up

    Some Humans Are Born to that
    Gift And Carry A True Torch Meek
    And Humble of True Royalty to Give Love Away For Free…

    i Am Verily Sure You Continue to Carry Your Mother’S UNique Torch..:)


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