Sometimes women need to disappear in order to be recognized

Yes, I am still on my Only Murders in Building binge. Every day I watch it, I gain an insightful nugget that resonates with my life. Boy, do I wish lived in a building with murders I could probe and podcast. Well, not real murders. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Also, I think I would be a tad afraid to live in such a building. But I do love murder mysteries. I also used to love ones set in Victorian times. But that is neither here nor there. I do admit I’d like to start a podcast series. Perhaps something about the trauma of working in non-profits. I can also do a real-time format with numerous examples playing out as if it were an example of a Twighlight episode.

But I digress just a little.

What’s my quote today. It is sometimes women need to disappear in order to be recognized. People won’t recognize all you’ve done until you’re gone. Even then they may crap on your legacy or lay blame on you for new problems (up to a year after you left). It happens. You are recignized and you are blamed. In either case, it’s time to leave and disappear. Let the doubters and know it alls take over. Then ignore their calls when they come crawling back.

You may have to disappear to be recognized. But then don’t let yourself be lulled into a false recognition. It’s an illusion brought on by laziness on the part of others. Just move on and stay disappeared.

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