Women who knock rarely make history

I’m now fully into my Only Murders in Building binge-watching mode. This will make two days in a row where I quote the television show. When I heard the female protagonist (Mable) utter this following phrase, I thought it fit me quite well. At one in point in time, she barged into a room where the others noted her lack of knocking. To which she stated “women who knock rarely make history”. I heard that, and even in my sleepy state, I nodded in agreement.

I’ll cut to the chase. In my career, I have come to find that you must be stealthy and be able to sneak into a “space”. Sometimes you have to enter through a side door unseen and then roar. That is always bound to shake things up. While I have almost always been seen as fair, I have often vexxed people by being unpredictable. I don’t readily announce my opinions and intentions.

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  1. It’s True Dear Miriam ‘They’
    ‘Say’ (Hehe in ‘Psychology
    Today’) Villains And Heroes

    Have Something in Common

    Yes They Both Break Rules

    Yes One Side Ends Up Rising

    The Other Side Ends Up Falling

    True What They Don’t HaVE IN
    Common is Empathy That Finds

    And Seeks to Lift Others Up First

    However It’s Not Everyday

    That Meek Inherit

    Of Love
    THiS WaY With SMiLes
    For Only Altruistic Giving
    Sharing Caring Healing For Real..:)

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