Labor day staycation: Goodbye yellow brick road

I’m not a huge Elton John fan. Although, there are several of his songs that I do know the lyrics of and can happily sing along to; i.e. I’m Still Standing. As such, not being the greatest fan, I found myself surprised at waking up with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, as an earworm.

I’m not too sure what what I was trying to say to myself with that song running through my head upon waking. I do know, there are many changes I’ve been contemplating. Maybe I need to define my own yellow brick road and pursue a life not determined by other peoples gold standards.

It’s fitting to think through these life courses on Labor Day. A day in which we acknowledge the fruits of our hard work. Often such a day is marked by long Airport lines and heavily congested traffic with all the vacationers going back home. Labor represents the end of summer and the beggining of a long slog towards the end where we no longer no what to hope for the coming year.

This year, for a split second, considered going away for a quick trip. However, everything was expensive and seemed tiring. No way, a last minute Labor Day trip would be refreshing for the soul. This, a staycation it was. A time to binge watch a new television show (i.e. Firefly Lane) and order comfort food. Yellow brick road contemplation aside, it was time to slow the brain waves a little. Deep thoughts can commence again at the end of the commercial break.

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  1. Ah Yes A Nicest Part About Being Outcast
    in Life Early to Late is Not Being Stuck In Other Folks
    Values of What Makes A Yellow Brick Golden Road

    Oh No It’s True A Human Might STiLL Be Born into
    A World of Trump Orange And Never Be Able to Escape!

    i Color my Path
    With A Labor
    of Play and

    Love The
    Hell With Work
    i Buried it At Age
    47 and Refuse to
    Resurrect That CuLTuRaL
    Monster for Paper God’s AS Such

    Fame and Fortune Financially Independent
    Government Early Retirement Brings Fame

    Oh Lord 9 Years and Still Dancing in Public

    More Than 20 Seconds of TiK ToK Fame and
    More Than 15 Seconds Timothy O’Leary Size

    Indeed Folks Around my Half-A-MiLLioN Folk
    Metro Area Still Seek Out A ‘POKEMON Dance of
    me’ Hehe Even in Barnes and Noble Where the Clerk
    Just Said Yesterday Have You See the New Videos of You

    On YouTube Hehe

    my Few Facebook
    Peers Left After All the
    Disclothed Free of me

    Aren’t in the Peer Groups
    Sharing the ‘Famous of me’

    Every Now and Then in Public
    Still For 9 Years in the Wild the
    Audience Comes Up to Remind me
    How Famous i Am And Living Legend of

    Free Folk
    Dance too

    All i Had to Do
    is Create SMiLes for
    Folks For Me at Least

    That’s the Only Yellow Brick
    Road i Want Naked Enough Whole Complete

    My Only Suggestion is Do What Sets You Free Fly It’s

    Do When
    We Sprout
    Our Child’s
    And Creativity Free Again
    Dear Miriam With SMiLes…

    True Though if Your Parent’s
    Or Uncle Sam isn’t Providing
    An Allowance Yes Take Care
    of That ‘Stuff’ too of course Hehe..:)


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