When everyone ignores the fire alarm

Have you noticed lately that when a fire alarm sounds, people don’t readily rush out? At least, I have. People look around to determine how other people are reacting. And, if people in some position of authority or access to knowledge, keep going about their business, everyone stays put. As a whole, we determine whether to respond to an alarm that could save us, by relying on how others react. I’d say that is a bit of herd mentality.

Just recently, I was at an airport lounge where the alarm went off with loud noices and flashing lights. And, no one was alarmed. Some, including myself, looked around and even got up for a second. Eventually, most just sat back and drank their coffee or other beverage of choice. There was nothing wrong other than a bothersome alarm.

Now, there is an example of a larger existential (perhaps) societal problem. Which alarms to we listen to and can’t we figure that out on own own? There is so much gaslighting at the moment and so many truths that are twisted for convenience and sheep herding reasins, that sounding the alarm really does mean much. Nor, may it amount to much. Now instead of an alarm, we really need to see the smoke for ourselves. And, even then it could just be a smoke machine.

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  1. Not that much different from people looking to their social bubbles to see what their political views should be. Or a dozen people looking at a serious accident but nobody calling 911 or going to assist.


  2. At a job I had years ago, we had a fire drill. When the alarm went off and people prepared to leave the building, the executive in charge of the department came out of her office and told everyone to sit down because “we don’t have time for fire”. A few years later I was working at a different company and when the alarm went off, I stayed at my desk because I figured we didn’t have time for fire. At least I did until I had the so-called floor warden yelling at me to leave. That actually wasn’t a drill. There was a small fire on one of the floors in the building and apparently the department I was in there did have time for fire. Still, I always hesitate and question whether I should leave when the alarm goes off.


  3. “When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful
    A miracle, oh, it was beautiful, magical
    And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily
    Oh, joyfully, oh, playfully watching me
    But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible
    Logical, oh, responsible, practical
    Then they showed me a world where I could be so dependable
    Oh, clinical, oh, intellectual, cynical”
    A Few Lines From ‘The Logical Song’ By ‘Super Tramp’
    From A First Year of Serious Depression i Experienced
    After A Break-up With A First Cuban-American Love in 1979
    i’m Not Sure if it is the Size of my Fredenstein Forehead as
    i Did Wear Just About the Biggest Size Cap That Went With
    my Gown For High School Graduation True A Sign of Course
    Tying With my Best FRiEnD Lynn She 11 and me 11 out of A Class
    of 381 Indicating A Propensity For Achievement in Systemizing Mind
    Data Download
    Ways of Mechanical
    Cognition Suitable Perhaps
    To Fit in as a Well Oiled Part
    of the Machine of Culture As Is Then
    However What Good Is a Computer Without
    A Soul Only Left With Mechanical Cognition So
    Devoid in Deficit of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real
    Emotional Spiritual Moving Connecting Co-Creating
    Intelligence That Truly Colors Life With Feelings and Senses
    Instead of Just Taking
    It All Apart And Laying
    It On A Table After You
    Remember The Parts Yet
    Never Putting Them Together Again Now
    Indeed When And Where You No Longer Identify
    With Wings of A Bird Flown By Wind And Fins of A Fish
    Swum By Currents of Streams Through Rip Currents of Beach
    ‘They’ Say That Somehow Humanity is Set above the Other Animals
    As We May Be Enlightened Someway They Can’t Yet i Disagree Being
    Full of LiGHT is Being Fully Embodied in Touch And Feel With Senses
    And Feelings Head to Toe and So Much More Yes as the Other Animals
    Who Are Wild and Free Don’t Suffer From A Greatest Human Cultural
    Clothes and Tool Disease of NDD Yes Nature Deficit Disorder For Real
    As Indeed We aRe
    Increasingly Even Becoming
    Our Tools Even Separated From
    the Person Standing Next to Us
    Who Has Eyes more Than Without A Face
    Normally the Other Wild and Free Animals
    LiVE iN Balancing Force With the Rest of Nature
    Through and Through And There is Never Any Question
    of Words As to Whether Or Not ‘They’ Are Inseparable From
    The Rest Of Nature There is No Written Or Multiple Choice Test
    Of Being Whole Never Separated Living Free With the Rest of Nature Real
    Best Of Course
    In Mind and
    Body Balancing
    Force Of Loving All
    Life So HeART SPiRiT SoUL FelT…
    Indeed my FRiEnD Missing The Art Song
    of HeART SPiRiT SoUL Winging Free
    No Longer So Very Trapped in
    Wearing Human Clothes of
    Tools with attention
    Spans in Distraction
    As Assessed by Science
    In Less than 3 Seconds Yes
    Literally Less A Frigging Gold Fish
    Humans Are Social Animals Indeed ‘We’
    Will Bond and Bind Over Whatever The Group
    Think of the Crowd Around Us Defines As Our Reality Next…
    Or We Want And Will Continue to Drop the Logical Song off
    At The Dry Cleaners Or Leave It in A Hot Car With the Windows
    Rolled Up Losing
    Our Child of Creating
    in Wonder And Awe of Life
    Even In A Death Hunt For Life
    To Survive As We May Pay Attention
    to the Capture of Prey With Very Left
    Hemisphere Mind Processes of Existence Yet
    Leave the Right Hemisphere Part of Attention
    As Well Described by Oxford Literary Scholar,
    Psychiatrist, Researcher, And Writer Iain McGilchrist;
    Yes, Losing Sight of the Big Picture Further From the Hunt
    Of LiFE That requires Attention in Bigger Picture Ways Lest
    We Don’t notice
    The Tiger in the
    Environment And
    Get Eaten by The Tiger
    As We Water/Feed Our Colorful Flowers
    Grasping What Is Small Taking it Apart Now
    The Youngest Generation is Among the Most
    Depressed and Anxious in Our General Population
    Indeed A Fire Alarm Going Off About Our Future Existence…
    And The Fact That Part of Our Country Still Supports A Proven
    Flim-Flam Man For Leader of A So-Called Free World Meanwhile
    Naked Birds Are Still Flying And Fish Are Still Swimming Masters of the
    Winds and Ocean Tides my FRiEnD Living in Balance With Nature As Nature
    So Enlightening
    Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating Without
    Even A Millstone Of Humanified
    Human Tools of Clothes to Wear
    And of Course NaTuRE ALL Round Us
    Is Sounding Alarms For How Far AWay We’ve Fallen…


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