It’s always the season of fresh produce matched with a smile in colombia

I finally did it. I went on vacation. The fact that I have kept myself off of wi-fi, social media amd the like has been freeing and phenomenal. One day I called American Airlines and said let’s use my ticket credits to go away – anywhere. I had certain parameters and lo and behold she booked me on Bogota, Colombia. And, what a delight is has been. Admittedly, it was not ony bucket lust and I think that strangely enough, it has made this trip more precious.

I will not use this post to review all the cultural bits. I’ll save that for later.

Today, I am focusing on food. Fresh food. Food that is untouched by all the preservatives and such that I am used to day in and out in New York.

We were at a restaurant where we ordered mojito cocktails. It was absolutely refreshing and tasty. But then the chef ran out of a particular ingredient they use here. He went ahead and created a new cocktail just for us that was filled with fresh, yummy tasting local fruit. You could see the care that went into it.

Just this act surrounding the cocktail captured the essence of being in Bogota. Fresh, agreeable, warm and tasty.

It’s a great thing to travel. It’s even better when you can do while enjoying great food.

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  1. Splendid Dear Miriam
    Finally On the Other Side
    Of ‘You Know What’ Vacation
    In Columbia Well Deserved
    With Refreshing Far South

    Of the Border
    Food And Drink
    And Get Away for Peace
    And Joy With SMiLes For

    Really Living

    Freer With
    Farther Higher..:)


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