I love traveling but still miss the quirky bits of New York

While on vacation I will enjoy the local cuisine, learn the city streets and go on a few adventures. Even so, New York City is never far from my heart. Because it is not just one thing.

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  1. “various ethnic groups collaborate and enter into a dialogue
    with one another without having to sacrifice their particular
    identities. It can describe a mixed ethnic community area

    where multiple cultural traditions exist.”

    Imagine a Place Where Various
    Ethnic Groups Get to Do This

    Yes Various Folks With Different
    National Origins And So Many Different
    Religions And Other Ways of Spirituality too

    And True Some With No Spirituality at All…

    Wow Just A Dream Really For Any Participant

    Anthropology Observer to Actually Do And Yes

    New York A Classic Example of A Biggest Multi-Cultural Town of

    All And In Canada Toronto Where Multi-Cultural Traditions Are Supported

    And They Also Thrive too Oh All the Benefits of Experiencing Different Foods,
    Clothes, Ways of Language and Speech, And Yes Even Different Religions and
    Spiritualities too And Particularly GREAT! FOR MORE OPEN MINDED FOLKS TO


    As it’s True too Folks So
    Much Averse to Differences
    And Change in Closed Minded

    Ways May Want to Basically Stay in A Similar
    Cave With Others Who Look and Behave Like Them

    Even With the Same Old Hand Prints for Art on the Cave Walls too

    Oh, Oh,
    So Very
    Boring to me

    Yet Oh, Oh, Oh,
    my Wife is Basically
    A Homebody and i Do Love

    To Go Out and Explore, Explore, Explore,

    Yes Even New York Would Be Fun to Visit

    Yet It’s True i Already Have to Watch to Make
    Sure my Wife does not Fall Down When Stressed
    From Partial Complex Seizures Caused By Epilepsy

    In Fact Even When i Write Subconsciously i Am Aware
    Whenever She Gets Up Off Her Lazy-Girl Chair And Starts
    to Do Work on the Home She Has Become Rather Attached to

    Feeling Safe This Way
    Understandably So Oh

    True i Would Love to Explore
    The World Yet On the Other Hand
    She Can’t Drive And Oh It’s So Nice
    Not to Drive too Far Without Getting So Very Sleepy

    Anyway She Isn’t Gonna get on Any Crowded Planes

    And She is Truly Afraid of me going to Dance at 11 PM in the Next Big
    City From Us Anymore for The Potential Drunk Traffic at 2 AM of Course

    True i understand that
    too as She really Depends
    on me to Drive ‘Ms. Daisy’ Wherever

    She Goes For Real and Also True She
    Basically Does All the Rest of the Work
    Around the Home As She Explains She is

    The Very Best at it and i am Just no Good At


    At All Indeed
    She Calls me
    A Mess Maker
    Even When i Attempt to Clean

    Anyway at Least Virtually As Avatar Online
    i Get to Go Globe-Wide Each and Everyday

    And Visit Diverse Cultural Flavors of Humanity

    In Different Ways of Viewing the World With SMiLes

    Typically Kindness is the Glue of Everyone i Meet Who

    Wants to Be Human With Open Arms With Differences Among Others

    That is
    And Open
    SouLED Enough

    to Understand in Some Ways

    People are Mostly Different and

    in Some Ways in Terms of Genuine
    And Sincere SMILes They Are Alike too

    Thanks Dear Miriam For Providing The HeART Beat
    of New York, New York, in the Art of Your Photos Far
    Beyond the Cold Tall Skyscrapers That Humans Live

    And Work On Top of Each Other Day By Day True

    At Least they Have Rooms With a View for the

    Most Part One of the Most Horrible

    Work Spaces i Ever Worked

    At was in A Promotion

    i Got in A Corner


    AT ALL IT’S TRUE For me at least
    With A Love For Nature It Was if for 8 Hours
    A Day i Got Promoted to Purgatory and Less on Earth

    Reminding me of that ‘Twilight Zone’ Show Where Roddy
    McDowell Exclaimed, ‘There Are No Windows,’ Opening up
    Curtains and Finding Walls’ until Finally the ‘Ivory Tower Folks’

    Opened Up the Curtains and He Found Himself Living on Another

    Planet Behind Bars for the ‘Ivory Tower’ Folks to View Trapped in
    A Home With Carpet And Central Heat and Cooling Where He Would

    Spend the Rest of His Days in His “Natural Earth Habitat As A Human”
    till Death While the ‘Ivory
    Tower’ Folks Viewed

    Him From
    A Safe
    of Course

    To A View of His
    Earthly Zoo It’s True
    Dear Miriam At Least

    i Have a Window to the Great Outdoors

    And An Avatar Online Through a Computer Window to Explore the World
    in Words And Other Digital Artifacts From the Human Species Globe-Wide

    And Also True my Wife Doesn’t Mind Walmart Where Even in one of
    The Most Conservative Towns in the Country Folks Still Have Their
    Own Unique Styles of Being True There Are A lot of Different People

    in Walmart
    Even in Very
    Towns Hehe

    Yet it’s Also
    True if You
    Get Closer to
    the County Seat
    Small Town the Local
    Owned Stores Tend to
    Smell and Look The Same
    Through And Through For Everything…

    Oh Pensacola My Wife Does’t Mind the
    Mall And The Paradise Tourist Destination
    Pensacola Beach is Basically Year ‘Round

    Oh the Cultural Diversity World-Wide that Visits
    The Mall True it Feels Like at Least 7 Heavens to me…

    All the Different Flavors of Humanity in One Ice Cream Cone Mall Indeed!

    And Indeed Per ‘Dunbar Number’ of 150 Humans to Interact With at Most
    to Be Socially Comfortable With Day-to-Day my Neighborhood Has Over
    40 Homes and Before i Started Taking Walks in the Mornings As Yes Both
    my Sister and Wife Are Rather Introverted And Love to Do it in The Dark

    The Windows in All the Homes Seemed Like Portals With Empty Souls

    Yet Now i Strike Up a Conversation With Practically Every Neighbor

    And It Really Doesn’t Matter That Most of them View the World

    Opposite From me as it’s True the Way My Wife Does Life

    Is Mostly Opposite too except for Core Beliefs

    of Fairness, Justice, and Love For All

    of Humanity It’s True

    i Can And Will
    Visit Someone
    Who Divides Humanity

    Yet Never Ever Actually Live With
    Someone and Share the Same Bed that Way

    It’s True in this Sense even i Divide Humanity too….

    We All Have Potentials Unfilled And Limits That Are Core to Who We aRe

    i Do My Best to Respect The Differences of Others Hehe As Long as it ain’t

    Under the
    With SMiLes
    As that Relates
    to Fairness, Justice,
    And Love For All With “Wings”..:)


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