The psychological beauty of the game of poker

I am going to start off with an admission. I don’t play poker with any frequency. It’s more like a leap year event. I do poker slot machines and once on over $700 on a few quarters. That sure felt good. But I’m not here to write about slot machines. I want to just quickly note the beauty of table, card poker.

To me the best psychological aspect is the art of the bluff. I like to read people. I notice looks, twiches, use of certain words, leg movement and all the rest. I like to create a profile even after meeting someone for just five minutes. And, let me tell you none out of ten times I end up being right.

I like to call people on their bluffs. Sometimes, that’s the only way to get things done. Sometimes, that’s the only way to keep people honest. Dare people to show their cards. It’s also fun to see whether people try to call one’s bluff. Truth or dare. It’s all the same.

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  1. Part of Emotional Intelligence
    Part of Human Memory That is
    Based on the Glue of Emotional Intelligence
    in Accord With Short Term Working Memory
    Long Term Memory Retrieval And Focus and
    Attention Span
    Is Yes Developing
    An Excellent BS Meter
    Hmm, It’s Really Not Fair i Remember
    What Shirt i Was Wearing When i Went to
    Disney World in 1986 And What Pants i Was Wearing
    too True There is More Than One Example As That Pertains
    to All Five Senses And Other Feelings And Senses too Yet it Does
    Present me With a Rather Unfair
    Advantage For Someone
    To Try to Pull A Fast or
    Even Very Slow One
    one on me Hehe…
    It’s True i Am
    A Blood Hound
    ThiS Way too Better
    Put A Truth See’er too
    i Can Remember What Folks
    Wrote online 12 Years ago Verbatim
    to me Just Casual Conversations and That’s
    Where Smelling BS Gets Incredibly Amusing
    When the Record Is Still Available to Prove me
    Correct on This or That Day in Decades Past Hehe
    or A Search on Key Words And It’s True i’ve never
    Used a Contact List At Work or At Home Albeit
    Hehe Who uses ‘the Phone’ Anymore With
    SMiLES Anyway in Our Modern Day
    of Science Assessed Human
    Attention Spans of
    Less Than A Gold Fish
    on Average Less Than 3 seconds
    People May Have No Idea When they
    Try to Pull a Fast or Slow One With me
    They Aren’t Merely Dealing With Another
    Gold Fish or Elephant As There is Blue Whale
    Memory With Nah Not The Eye of the Tiger The Eye of ‘The Great White’
    Hehe And i Do Mean Fish that Has Been Around Longer Than Trees More
    450 MiLLioN Years
    Just ask me anything Hehe
    my Wife Doesn’t Even have to ask Google HAha
    Now That’s A Joke to Be Clear Every Once in a While
    i Don’t Know Something Yet Rarely Ever Forget As Long
    as i am Focused And Not Writing Poetry in Free Verse in
    Another Dimension While i Ask my Wife Have i Eaten Breakfast Yet Hehe
    It’s True There are Different Levels of Existence in Everyday For Those
    Capable of Moving
    Back And Forth
    Between Different
    Levels of Human Awareness
    Dear Miriam With Smiles So Many Hats Indeed…
    Anyway It’s Like Trump He Has No Idea of The Kind
    of ‘Intelligence’ He is Dealing With Now With the
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation And Associates
    Yet True He Does For Those Who Support Him Hook,
    Line, Bait, And SINKER And Are Willing to Suffocate
    And Die For Lies They Confuse As Truth on ‘Fifth Avenue’…
    True There is Politics Yet There
    is Truth And Consequences too…
    Fortunately i’m Still Married as my Wife has no Propensity to Lie…
    Or My Sister or my Mother or my Father Who Just Broke Promises
    Like i’ll Send You to College i’ll Come to Visit You i’ll Be At Your Wedding
    And College Graduation
    He’d always Say When His
    Ship Comes in Yet it’s True
    His Senior Class Motto WAS, “Don’t
    Do Today What You Can Put off Tomorrow”
    He Didn’t Plan Well for Access to His Finances
    to Bury Him to Next in A Plot to His 4th X-Marriage
    His Ashes Still Exist on Our Book Case in Our Great Room
    in A Nice Little Container of Course It’s True i keep Putting it Off
    And i suppose It’s True ‘the Dead Can Bury Themselves’ As They Do on 5th Avenue…
    His Identical Twin Brother Ted’s Senior Class Motto WAS, “I dare do all that may become a man;
    Who dares do more is none.” From MacBeth Yet it Bears Noting That NONE As It Is Used here
    Ended Up Being
    MacBeth’s Demise
    For His Murder’s of Course…
    It’s True Mafia Folks Have Moral Codes of Their Own…
    It’s True Politics Has Moral Codes Of ItS Own too…
    It’s Also True Humans Aren’t Rational At Core
    Emotions Precede Most Rational Decisions
    It’s True Those Who Master Their
    Emotions Regulating Them And
    Integrating Their Senses Do
    Rest in Peace More at Night
    Yet It’s True Heroes And Villains
    Are Both Known to Break the ‘Community
    Rules’ of Society OR Bend them to the MAX
    The Difference is Human Empathy And Compassion
    For Others And A Difference TOO is Understanding that
    The Golden Rule Is SeRiOUSly FLaWeD As An Extrovert
    Living With an Introvert Cannot Reasonably Treat them
    The Way They WILL Want to Be Treated And Expect to Stay Married Hehe…
    Or Expect The Significant Other to Fully Please The Different Way They Are
    It’s Common Sense
    Yet Some Folks
    Are not
    Enough to
    or Do It Hehe.. Hmm…:)
    More than
    Just A Pen NaMe..;)


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