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It’s a cruel summer, indeed

I was listening to my iPod, while walking in this extreme heat. I have this silly goal of 10,000 steps each day. Even in this heat. Sigh. I’m too committed. Anyway, there I am walking, listening to music when Bananarama’s song Cruel Summer comes on. I stopped mid-step and nodded to myself. This has indeed been a cruel summer.

First off, after the last two summers I had higher expectations for this summer. But it’s been rocky and my expectations were perhaps a bit too high.

Second, this heat wave has been as horrible as can be. My hair cannot unfrizz. My sweat has me itching nonstop.

Third, I love travel but these flight delays and cancelations have been brutal. Yet, here I am getting ready for another trip. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Fourth, covid is still here. And, thst just plainly sucks. And, now we have monkeypox and NY wastewater shows polio wants to come back. Probably because we invoked polio’s name so frequently these last two years.

Fifth, it’s been hard to wrap my head around several big decisions. It’s like I’m stuck in a heatwave.

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  1. Trying to get actual things done – with zero energy – because they need to be finished; have a surgery date later this year, and I’m not happy swimming (ie, bobbing about in the pool) until it’s over and I’ve recovered, because, among other things, even that mild a form of getting out of the apartment takes a lot of energy, and I can’t skip getting rid of the pool water because they have chlorine AND salt in it. Sigh.
    Can’t wait until October – lots of things should be better by then.


  2. It’s PouRinG DowN Rain i Watch it With A Soothing Feeling
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    – #me2


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