There will always be more work so go on that vacation

At my doctor’s office, there is a poster about how work will always be there. For you, however, there’s no such guarantee. It’s a bit grim, for sure. However, it is quite accurate. I have come to find that more and more healthcare facilities have such signage or reminders. I recently went to a new specialist who said most of my health issues were probably due to stress. I nodded and thought of how that is true for most people.

No matter what, the work is endless and your health shouldn’t be compromised by unrealistic expectations or undue burden. Sometimes those burdens and pressures come from one primary source: yourself. If you don’t gift yourself grace, patience, or a reprieve you will tie your shoulders up into countless knots.

It’s been hard to get away the past two years. But even if you can’t travel, get out and give yourself a few days off. Take that vacation. The work will still be there regardless.

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  1. So Sad it is Dear
    Miriam When and
    WHere ‘Work’ of
    This Life Takes
    Us Away From
    Play of Nature
    Real With
    Peace Exhaling
    LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
    Just Coming Out of the
    DarK Again to SMiLe Free..:)


  2. Yep, it will still be there – in addition to what piles up while you are away. I love vacations. I’m at my best while I’m on vacation. Really it’s my true passion in life – being on vacation. But it’s hell for two weeks before when I’m trying to tie everything up, while having new unexpected things pop up which may cause me to have to cancel, then the month after while I’m playing catchup. I think life would be less stessful if I never took another vacation. I just can’t bring myself to do that.


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