It’s always the wrong spot or line

As I start to pack for my upcoming trip, I have been reminded of how often I pick the wrong line. For instance, I have TSA precheck, but even then I get on the wrong side when the line splits. A few weeks ago everything was zipping right along until I had to chose which side to go to present my identification. I picked the right line but it ended up being long. For some reason, the person ahead of me had some issue that required multiple supervisors and I waited 15 minutes or so for that to be cleared up. Thankfully, I was early for my flight. Otherwise, I would have been biting and chewing my nails out of frustration.

Look, New Yorkers hate lines. We monitor lines and people and try to gauge who may be problematic so we avoid being behind them. For some reason, however, despite all my training, I tend to pick the wrong line. But, then again, I bet most people feel the same way.

Lines are crappy things. We hate them. And, they never move fast enough.

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  1. Oh Lord i Used to Hate Waiting in Lines As It’s True
    i Stood Up at Work for 18 Years and my Legs Go to
    Sleep Standing Still Yet Voila Instant Therapy and Cure

    Dancing in Lines Wherever i Go to Wait Ascending
    Transcending the Line Again in Free Dance of

    Autotelic Flow True Like Mountain Climbers

    Who Seek This Flow in Risk of Falling

    Off the Mountain Side And Oh No
    Even Dying too

    Oh Lord So Many
    Life Hacks Available

    For Those Who Find
    Answers Within and Don’t

    Only Copy What Other Folks Do

    Hehe It’s Truly Complex Being So Aware Sensory
    Empathically of the Human Environment All Around

    Dancing Free In Line Sensing Feeling Just The Speed and Distance

    New of Moving Connecting And Co-Creating TO AVOID DISTURBING


    i Started This Endeavor Almost 9 years Ago on August 26th, 2013 So Many Members

    Of Store Management And Store Security Threatened to Kick me off the Premises

    If i Didn’t Stop my Solo
    Dance in Public Then

    Yet It’s True i Used
    Rationality and Science
    to Explain the Benefits of
    Regulating Emotions and Integrating
    Senses For Folks on the Autism Spectrum
    Otherwise So Uncomfortable in Our Own SKins With An
    Over Stimulating Human Environment And They Trusted
    me Then Enough At Highest Levels of Store Management to

    Give me the Go Ahead to Keep Doing it as Long as i Didn’t
    Bother Anyone Too Much With my Dance the Allies Grew

    And In the Mall Where they Scolded me for Doing it in the
    Halls the Private Stores Renting Out Space Took Up for me

    And Said You Do it Whenever You Want You Lift Our Spirits
    We Are Happy When You Come in And Again What Used to

    Be So Tedious And Leg Numbing Now is A Meditating Autotelic
    Flow of Bliss Oh Lord i Actually Embrace Standing in Line Like

    It’s Disney
    World For
    me in Three
    Feet and Less
    of Space to Dance hehe

    i Always Feel A Little Bit Like
    Bugs Bunny Doing it Just Wanting
    to Ask Elmer Fudd What’s Up Doc HAha

    As True Ya gotta Understand Where i Live Hehe

    to Understand How True that MeMe is For Real HAha..:)


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