A new month can bring new beginnings, first steps, or just another bunch of days

Rabbit, rabbit. There I said it. An old custom I learned of back in high school that I have held onto. May this month be filled with new beginnings. That is my hope. My goal. My wish. I may need a fairy godmother.

The month of August is the last hurrah of the summer. It is the time to accomplish all those summer goals of fun, relaxation and putting some problems to the side. I’m not too sure this summer has been stress-free or less stressful. There’s a lot riding on August.

It’s also when I gave birth to my most awesome son. That is a huge plus. But with each year, he gets taller and more his own person. I can no longer spoon-feed him gnocci and expect him to eat it. In this vein, August represents letting go.

Letting go of many things, perhaps. And a hope for some bold new first steps before the hectic month of September drags us all down. I suppose I shouldn’t be so pessimistic about the upcoming month. I need to hold on to the sunshine of August. So, don’t steal my sunshine.

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