A day of the blahs

I want to say that today was a day of the blahs. However, I’m rather nonplussed. Unaffected. Maybe perplexed. But most certainly unimpressed. A shrugged shoulder followed me around. A giggle and often intermixed. I was about to remind myself that wednesdays ars really the day of the blues, instead of Monday. Then I remembered that, in actuality, it was Tuesday. Sigh. How unfortunate. It would have been nice to blame the blahs on a day known for being for crappy or depressing. But, Tuesdays don’t have that reputation. Maybe I should have indulged in taco Tuesday. Actually, maybe that is where things went wrong. I got a quesadilla instead. Note to self. Order tacos on Tuesdays. So, a blah here and a blah there. Nothing can excite. I feel like a 15 year old teenage girl listening to Depeche Mode. There’s a thought. I should have gone to the clubs. But that is not quite right either. I’ll just dream of a trip and make it happen. Then I’ll go. I’ll be excited. I’ll do stuff. I’ll come back with momentum. Then someone will look to pop the balloon. I better have a roomful of balloons, in that case. Now, I lay me down to sleep.

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