Everything is temporary

Have you heard of or ever uttered the phrase “this too shall pass”? I have. I remember the first time I said it to myself. I was in a meeting with a nervous, gruff, chain-something academic who threw an epic temper tantrum whole meeting with community members who were to carry out her research. She threw the biggest hissy fit I had seen in a professional setting. And, it was awkward and embarrassing. I tried to play mediator bit I soon came to realize there was no point. Thus, at one point I found myself uttering “this too shall pass.” I had to remind myself that the situation was temporary. It would not last forever.

The temporary sense of being, in any situation both good and bad, is not to be forgotten. It’s a hard life lesson to process. However, it is extremely useful to remember. Both hard and easy moments are ephemeral. Some take a little longer to dissipate but they do eventually lessen. Everything ends, or so you hope. In some way.

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  1. A Pebble A Stone in A Pond only
    Makes Waves So Long Yet Of Course

    More Pebbles and Stones Come Tides
    Go Out and In And Waves on the Ocean

    Rise to Storms And Peaceful Calm Conditions

    of Serenity

    So Long And
    Returning too With SMiLes

    SMiLes Humans Have An Ability

    To Generate THeir Waves ALong With

    Colors With SMiLes Humans Have an

    Ability to Filter Colors into Colors That Feel

    More Like Home SMiles Some Humans Seek

    And Find And
    Practice These
    Abilities Day-to-Day

    Others Are Just Subject
    to Falling Stones And Pebbles
    Waves at the Controls of Others Indeed

    For Those Who Drive At Least Hehe Dear Miriam

    It’s Like Two Cars Stuck in Traffic One Occupant

    Experiencing Road Rage As They Can’t Wait

    to Get to the Next Place They Are Going

    Yet as i Sit in the Other Car or
    Beside my Wife Hehe i Am

    in A Place Perfect Enough

    to Practice Naked

    Enough Whole


    And if Someone Cuts
    me Off in Traffic Just
    Another Feather Blowing in the Breeze

    Amazing too How Easy it is to Navigate Life New

    When We Become The Wind That Guides our Feathers Now

    Hehe, Yeah, i Realize it Sounds Like A Lot of Fluff, Nonsense,

    And Mush to Those Addicted to Fear, Anger, And Hate Yet

    That’s the Way

    The Two Paths

    Rise and Fall

    Rise and Fall Some More
    Meh, i Choose SMiLes in The Breeze…

    And Most Often Don’t Look Forward to What Comes Next
    As It’s Sort of A Wasted Effort When Now is A Prize Already


    Yet On the Other
    Hand i am Not Trapped
    in Anyone Else’s Prison Either

    Unless Someone Sees A ‘Red Light’ That Way…

    Meh, i’m Usually Listening to a Fascinating Podcast
    Anyway i Master the Tools i Feel Rather than Being
    Mastered by Red

    LiGHTS in


    i Go
    Green Hehe

    And True i Tend to Go Long New
    CoLoRinG As THere is No Time in

    This Place Now…


    And Now New

    This too Passes Bye
    Too Just Changing Colors
    of Feathers Breezing New Now
    See Ya Later Soon Enough hehe..:)


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