A Wednesday boom and slog

Exhaustion has set in at midday. Which is a shame. Wednesday, which is often a day of blahs, was starting to look like a boom day! I had some energy. I had a tickle. I had a skip. Then I sat down. Then I stayed seated for hours on end. So a boom went to a slog. Fuzzy brain. Groggy brain. Slurpy brain. Slurpy brain? Yikes, I’m sleepy. I’m feeling like I’m in a pig pit. Maybe quicksand. Or is it a tsunami? I need a caffeine jolt. I need some wings.

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  1. Fatigue, Brain Fog, Yes Does Sound Like
    Side Effects of the Weekly Work Grind Yet

    i Must Admit Two Weeks Ago Monday Experiencing
    Fatigue and Brain Fog Eventually Testing For the Newest

    ‘STRAIN’ of Covid-19 And Then As Finally Expected The

    Coughing Did Come

    Mostly Bronchial
    in Nature as i Recollect

    You Just Recently Got Over
    Covid-19 Over a Month ago

    Yet of Course my Goodness
    Re-Infections After 4 Weeks

    Anyway Hehe Considering You
    are A CEO of 5 Health Clinics Dear
    Miriam in New York What In the World

    Am i Telling You New More Than Covid-19
    Small And Short Talk Around the Communal

    At Work True

    Who Wants to Hear
    About Work in the Leisure
    Minutes and Seconds Left Over

    Anyway Hope Your Energy Returns

    Without Any Modern Day Covid-19

    Snafus to Mess
    Up The Human
    Energy to

    Create With SMiLes…
    It’s Spreading Fast Where i Live
    in the Always Unmasked Deep

    States AS Such..:)

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