An Uzbek manty quenched my thirst for adventure

What I love about New York city besides all the 24 hours stores, shopping, and entertainment is the food.  The diversity of cuisines that one can try in New York is phenomenal. The borough of Queens has the most diverse community in the United States. For a so-called foodie, such as myself, I’m in cuisine paradise.

This past weekend, I was able to head out to Far Rockaway and sample local beach cuisine. In this vein, I went with great enthusiasm to try a new cuisine I’d never had before. I found a restaurant from Uzbekistan. And, what a delight it was. I love when I can eat with grand zest. And, a grand zest it was. One of the dishes I gleefully devoured was that of a meat manty. A big savory dumpling. See below. That was followed by a fabulous special kebab.

A wonderful adventure it was. I need more and more of these.

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  1. ‘A restaurant from Uzbekistan.”

    That’s Truly Amazing About All
    We Have is “Sonny’s BBQ”
    And “Texas Roadhouse”

    For me at Least i
    Love Exploring

    All that is New in
    Every CuLTuRaL

    Way So Many Arts
    All Life Can Become and Do

    That Does Sound Exciting Living
    in New York, New York Having A Fresh
    New Foodie Vacation At Play Almost Any

    Time of
    Day or
    Night at
    Hand to Do

    Anyway i’m Craving Pizza
    After Not Having Much Appetite
    This Week And Walmart’s ‘Great Deal’
    Brand at $3.98 Each Per Supreme Size Pizza

    Is Quite Delicious With No Flavor of Economic
    Inflation at All…

    Healthy, Not So

    Much Yet

    i Haven’t Ate
    Much Got Some
    Catching Up Now to Do Hehe..:)


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