I think I’m allergic to being blue

I have a ton of allergies. So much so, that I often joke I should live in a bubble. A rolling bubble. Like the ones you can take on water and bounce and roll around. Those are so much fun. Life wouldn’t be so bad that way. But, in all seriously, I hive or get a rash like almost every day.

I hive if I’m very cold. An insect bites me and I blow up. If I eat shrimp, I’ll probably die. Pollen makes my eyes swell up. Creepy people give me the heebie jeebies. Is that an allergy? Yes, I believe so. Nasty people make my immune comprimsed syste flare up. If only there were a pill for that. Unfortunately, nasty and creepy people can be found everywhere. I suppose the antidote is to be sunny and pay them no mind. Don’t let them live rent-free in your mind.

Now, I’m also allergic to being blue. This can be thought of in two ways. I’m allergic to being sad. Who isn’t? Our bodies react to our mental state of sadness. Things fester inside and the body has an outward reaction.

But here’s my new situation. I’ve been trying out new makeup schemes. It is having fun with colors. This year, I’ve decided to play around with blue eye makeup. It’s fun. Maybe even sultry. I like the look. However, lately my eyes have been itching like crazy to the point where I may have gotten conjunctivitis. Now that red, goopy eye look was no fun. Nor was it pretty.

Instead of giving up on being blue. I think I’ll go shopping for some new, higher quality makeup. If that still gives me an allergic reaction, maybe I need to move away from the blue, in more ways than one.

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  1. Oh my Gosh As Soon
    As You Said You Were
    Sad Suddenly i Felt
    Compelled to Give

    You A Hug

    Oh Lord
    So Human
    i Am i Feel Today With SMiLes
    Other than that You Go Girl
    Paint the You You Dream

    Most to
    Be True
    With SMiLes

    And Remember
    Skies Are So Very Blue too

    Up THeRE to Down HeaR Real..:)


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