Gleeful smile of a cat who ate a mouse

She smiled

He smiled back

A twinkle here and a twinkle there

There was chemistry

Don’t know if it was biology

Stomach twirls and somersaults

A hidden look

A caught eye

Pursed lips

Raised eyebrows

No script

No words

All was quite, but

There was a gleeful smile of a cat who ate a mouse

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  1. Hmm… Just
    Hmm… Backwards
    In Time i Travel


    Cat Smiles
    Remain Hehe

    Dear Miriam Hope
    That Doesn’t Weird
    You Out me Calling You

    By Name Everyone These
    Days Seems to Think Someone

    Wants Some THING in Return

    Just For Being Human Kind…


    True it’s
    Safer Being
    A Cat Particularly
    These Days Now in
    ‘TRumpMaid’ States for Sure…

    Yet Sadly Now Still Not Safe
    For Female Cats in ‘The Wild’….

    Yet Just Remember True White
    Knights Write Poetry in ReVerse…

    And Everything Else Just Up Side Down..:)


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