Don’t know if I have it in me

Don’t know if I have it in me

To bear witness to another injustice

To listen to more lies

To refute baseless antagonist words

To punch down another careless whisper

To make up for the sins of others

To read another set of empty phrases

To not hear empathy when it’s most needed

To stare at empty suits besting false witness

To cheer on crooked cheerleaders

To carry the water for those with no thirst

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  1. Sadly AS Hard As it May
    Be to Do if We Stop Caring
    Yep Giving, Sharing
    Healing True
    And Yes False
    The ‘Trump
    Meme’ OH No
    WinS AGAiN
    For All of what
    Paints Life Ashen Grey
    Not Even Fifty SHades of Gray..:)


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