I’m in a Jerry Maguire mood today

I’m going to admit right off the bat I have watched almost all of Tom Cruise’s movies. And, I will also admit to liking most of his films. There’s action. There’s intrigue. There’s mayhem. There’s his silly grin that actually annoys me but tends to work in his movies. I’m not too sure I would like him personally. However, movie-wise he’s alright with me.

Even though his movies contain a ton of unrealistic action scenes, there’s something to take home from each. Whether it’s a message, tactic, or tag line. Tonight, I may just watch (for the 100th time) Jerry Maguire. Not because he had me at hello. Not because I want to be shown the money (although, I do). But, because he showed courage in leaving and starting his own agency. Even when the chips were down or there was a flag on the field, he believed in himself and his product. He also had a fan. Well, two fans. With a small circle of support he persevered.

If you have a vision, make it happen. Get kicked to curb, you get up, take your briefcase and walk right on to a new path. Too deep? Maybe. It’s just a fluffy Tom Cruise film, after all.

But I’m inspired.

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  1. I’m having the pleasure of repeat reviewers: I’m offering the readers and bloggers who reviewed the first book in my mainstream trilogy the opportunity to review the second – and it feels wonderful to get enthusiastic agreements from more and more of them.
    Definitely easier than for the first book, when I had to persuade them to look at something mainstream not produced by a traditional publisher!
    I am deeply grateful. And hoping I live up to their expectations (no sophomore slump).


  2. SMiLes Dear PM

    Even When Demons

    Chase ‘You’ Down

    ‘Running Up That Hill’

    Running Up That Hill

    Running Up That Hill

    And If It Doesn’t Touch the
    Whole World

    Just Wait

    Until 2022

    As With Art
    THeRE is No
    Age yet SPiRiT
    HeART And SoUL For ReAL

    -Kate Bush and ‘Running Up That
    Hill’ Making A Deal With my First VCR
    And Digital CD Player As Well Yep Back

    in 1985 And

    Yes A Hint an
    Omen to Where
    i Would Eventually
    Land Next And Rise Again With SMiLes
    iN A World Where ‘The Matter With Things’
    And All That May Be Attached to ‘Silicon’

    Often Trumps
    Life Yes
    And Love Still
    Moving Connecting Co-Creating

    Yet Now Ruling to Use the Tool
    No Longer Mastered At the Bottom of the Hill..:)


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