Just go away

Many years ago, I gleefully bought a sweatshirt that says “done”. I keep it around with me so that I put it on at any given moment. “Done” can be that I’m celebrating finishing a project. “Done” can be that I’m fed up and not tolerating it anymore. I like to let people guess and think through it, if they even care.

Now, I want a shirt that says “Just go away”. Pretty straightforward message. The question would be whether people would follow that directive. Would people look at my shirt and still stick around? Would people be sheepish? Ah, I love real-world experiments.

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  1. I noticed on a walk through my neighborhood a week or so ago that one of my neighbors has a cute little carved welcome sign next to their door, except that it didn’t say “welcome.” It said “Go Away!” This is not a neighbor I have met and I walked on thinking I probably didn’t care to meet them. Then the next time I happened by, I noticed the sign again and this time it said “welcome.” So what they have is essentially a Do Not Disturb sign for when they are unable to entertain company, which is kind of genius actually.


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