Does your circle inspire or cage you?

While growing up, my mother had a saying for everything as well as a superstition. I grew up with a lot of soundbites and food for thought. In certain ways, those bits helped mold me into a role of storyteller. I was back then. I am now. I’ve got many stories. A colleague once remarked/asked: “how old are you? How do you have so many stories? ” I’ve lived a life of much activity. But I’ll leave that for another day, chapter, and verse.

Back to my mom. She would say: “tell who you walk with, I’ll tell you who you are.” We’ve all been similarly advised. Makes sense. Your circle can define you.

Here’s a related question: does your circle inspire or does it cage you? In my view, your circle shouldn’t box you in. You should also feel inspired by your circle. Motivated. Not deflated. Your circle shouldn’t include frenemies. No time for that. If those you willingly associate with cages you in, run and find the nearest opening out. Sometimes it needs to be planned out. Sometimes you can spontaneously break free.

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  1. Hehe it Seems i Don’t Have an ‘Inner Circle’

    Hehe it Seems Like The Venn Diagram

    Is Beyond Measure

    And Foenemies

    Are Truly

    Best FRiEnDS

    As DarK Muse

    And LiGHT Muse

    WorK in Harmony to
    Create Entire New UNiVeRSES

    Like Just A Hair More of Matter
    Than Anti-Matter to Create All that is Now Newer

    With SMiLes They Way i See it As Above So Below
    Within Inside Outside And All Around Best Part of the


    i Am In

    No Longer Fearing
    DarK Or Cynical oF LiGHT…

    Although It’s True i Don’t Suggest
    Trying ThiS UNless One is Financially
    Independent and Totally Naked Enough

    And Yes


    Room Plenty
    of Room For
    DarK and LiGHT iN LiFE..:)


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