Don’t let the killjoys steal your joy!

There are a lot of thieves out there. People who take great glee in taking from you. Sounds bitter? Rings of truth? Could go either way.

There are a lot of people out there who want to stamp out your fire. Not a blazing, scary, wild fire. But your fire, your drive. People who want to pick, pick, pick. Pick at your scabs as you’re trying to heal. They are such vultures. Sounds bitter? Rings of truth?

You are meant to find your joy. And, then there are those who want to steal it. Not even in the cover of night. But out in the open as they try to gaslight you into thinking they ate giving you something. Giving you some worldly advice, as they take away your shine. Sounds bitter? Rings of truth?

Don’t let the joy thieves get their way. Find your joy. Hold onto your joy. Keep your joy.

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  1. My my Mimi
    if i Had A Penny
    For Every Instance
    Someone Tried to Steal

    my Joy Away Yes
    Since Childhood
    i’d Be Rich Yet Still
    Not As Rich As One

    Smile Experiencing
    Giving Away Joy Frees

    Yet It’s True Trees Not Exposed
    to Winds Develop Softer Wood Hmm…

    i must Have
    Really Really

    Hard Wood
    As i Am Still
    Surviving Thriving
    Even After Cat 66 Hurricane
    Storms of Soul in Life’s Winds

    Still Now Coming to Be Quite the
    Surfer Staying Atop All of Life’s Waves
    And Even Creating Them Just For Sport

    of Creating More JoY iN Human Potentials
    YeS UNCoVeRinG Evolving Soul Even More..:)


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