Don’t count the days; make the days count

Admittedly, with the Covid pandemic so rooted in our lives the last two years, there have been times when I’ve engaged in numerous countdowns. Counted down till it was over. Counted down until I was able to go on my Alaska trip; which is yet to happen. Counted down till I could find my path. Get on a new path.

Yesterday, my son graduated from middle school and that was something 13 years in the making. Now there will be another countdown and another one after that.

Yet, as I was reminded yesterday: don’t count down the days, make the days count!

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  1. “Not Afraid of Dying As Long As i am Living Now”
    It’s So True We Wait For Decades For Retirement to Finally Reach Our ‘Goal’
    Meanwhile Loved Ones Come And Go…
    It’s So True We Wait For So Long For That ‘First/Next Intimate’ Experience
    Meanwhile Loved Ones Come And Go…
    It’s True We Wait So Long to Pay That Home Off And ‘These
    Days’ Even A Long Dream Away of Owning A First Home At All
    Meanwhile Loved Ones Come And Go…
    So Considering Loved Ones Come
    And Go Seems to Be the
    Common Denominator
    In All These Goals
    And Dreams of
    Life What i Learn
    Most Through All my
    Dreams And Goals is the
    Reality that Putting People
    First Now Are the Only Days That Count Eternally
    Now As Truly Living And Not Afraid of Dying in Dreams and Goals…:)


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