Oh boy my dear son is a rising high schooler

Everyday I look at a baby picture or two of my son. Then, I proceed to send him a few so he can reminisce with me. However, he is not so inclined. Regardless, I continue to send him said photos. It gives me great pleasure to look at him as a baby and to look at him now. Thirteen years old. 13! I’m floored.

Today, he ends middle school. In the fall, he will be a high schooler. To say that time flies is both a cliche and an understatement. I don’t know how I will process the time when finishes high school. But, all in due time.

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  1. When he’s in high school and college you will be sending him pics from when he was 13th. Don’t worry by then he will appreciate it, he will even be sending them to you. I got a few from one of mine, just yesterday 😊.


  2. Hehe, It’s True At 13. The Last Shared
    Experience Ya Might Want to experience
    is A Beloved Baby Photo Your Mother Might

    (Oh Lord, Puberty Changes Life So Very Much)

    (My Wife Watches ‘The Goldbergs’ on TV And
    it’s Really Extreme Watching the Mom Trying
    to Hold on to the Son Going off to College)

    Send Electronically
    These Days With

    SMiLes Yet it’s

    True the Joy of An
    Infant Captured in A Photo

    Is Timeless and Beautiful
    And Worth Capturing Again

    As It’s True Descending in the
    DarK Place for 66 Months i Went
    So Far As to Use That Baby Photo
    With Smiling Eyes and Teeth All Innate
    All Natural Coming So Freely At Breast
    And Hugs of A Nurturing Loving Mother

    As my Online Avatar Starting on Christmas
    Day of 2010 As Some How i Moved Through
    A Mountain of Pain to Scan the Photo And

    Upload it then After only Existing in Every
    Mountain of Pain Every Word Took
    To Make With the Devil of Pain
    in my Right Eye and Ear then
    Yep Only Existing online
    to Try to Escape Hell
    Within Since Thanks
    Giving Day of 2010
    Yet i Prayed for
    All the Hope of
    my Soul to Come
    Back in that
    Baby Photo
    On Christmas
    Day of 2010

    i Just Wanted

    To Go Back to
    The Feeling All
    Natural Nurturing
    Innate and Instinctual

    of That Born on Date Face
    That Inheritance So Cheap
    Yet So Eternally Now Priceless
    That Love For Real Yes Indeed

    Make Sure Your Son Always Has
    A Photo of Your Love For Him Who
    Helped Create the Son He is As True

    in A World Like This One Day He May Desperately
    Return to that Baby Photo to Regain the Soul so Freely


    From You
    of Course
    With SMiLes…

    Hehe, Never mind me, i’m the
    Kinda Guy Now Who Strikes A Long
    Conversation WITH EVERY NEIGHBOR,
    Strolling my Neighborhood, in An Early Morning Dance
    Around my Block, Every Morning; And It’s true, even though my
    Mother Said i Had no Words Until 4, She Said i Still Had Open

    Arms for Every Stranger;

    It’s True, i Wasn’t Even
    A So-Called ‘Normal’
    Non-Verbal Autistic Kid…

    Yet It’s True, Just One Picture,
    And Just One Mother Will Make Destiny

    And Love
    At Best For Real…

    Trivia Note: The ‘Gerber Baby,’
    A Woman In Her 90’s Passed
    Away Recently; Wonder if She
    Ever Imagined, One Day, ‘Baby Food’ Would Be So Rare…


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