Everything needed to come undone

She loved pineapples. She love grapefruit. Yet, just like many other things she loved in life, she had to give them up. Supposedly they were no good to her body. What sadness. She did every once in a while sneak some in. Especially in a fruity, crispy cocktail. But she knew it was not going to end well.

The truck was also no good for her mental state. But it was time to unearth it, sort of speak. No fun. It’s tough to brings things forth then cast them aside for your own good. Not fair. It was time, though, to bring forth, set free, and let go. No more tastes here and there. No more sneaking in for a second. Everything needed to come undone.

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  1. Almost Giving Up Buffets
    Then The Free Meal Coupon
    For the Birthday Comes By Email

    And Here We Go
    Again Just Like
    in my Wife’s

    Birthday Month
    of April June Buffet to
    Come Other than That
    i’m too Much of A Cheap

    Skate to
    Turn Down
    A Free Meal Hehe…

    Hmm This Almost
    Sounds Like Small Talk Hmm…

    Our FL Weather’s Really Nice Here
    Surprise Cool Front At the End of May..:)


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