Don’t be boring with your midlife crisis

There have been plenty of movies showcasing characters (mostly always male) having a midlife crisis. Perhaps, all of a sudden, a horrible lying lawyer can’t help but tell the truth. Or they become an assassin. Pr a forger. Entertainment media definitely plays up and amplifies the mid-life crisis concept. But when I say don’t be boring with your midlife crisis that is not exactly what I mean.

I also don’t mean buying a ritzy, glamorous car. I don’t mean trying to hang out at clubs and hitting on models. That’s cliche.

If you have hit that wall where you’re struggling with your identity and confidence, try some non-cliche, non-Batman movie tactics. Learn to let things go. Go for hikes in foreign lands. Laugh and laugh a lot. Try tickling yourself. It won’t work but its worth a try. Don’t focus on regrets. Instead, focus on possibilities. For possibilities still exist. If all else fails, maybe do learn sky diving and become James Bond.

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  1. The midlife crisis occurred in the middle of chronic illness (not recommended – because there’s nothing you can do about the illness), and led to writing the single mainstream trilogy which has taken me since 2000, is up to the second volume about to be published, and will take maybe another 3-5 to finish the third volume.

    Not the way I planned to live my life as a physicist, but there you have it, and if anything turned a pig’s ear into a silk purse, this was it.


  2. Well said. Too many people think they need to do dangerous stuff to get out of their rut. The first step is realizing you are in a rut. Then, do something different, even if just once. Happy Sunday. Allan


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