Seven layer cake of evil

Here’s a visual for you.

Imagine sitting in a room with a group of people who are not friends but you must chat away with anyway. Internally, you wish you could say a few things that are just bubbling up inside. But you keep quiet for the sake of tranquility.

However, you soon realize there is no tranquility to be had. The reason being: the person in front of you is evil personified. And, because you hate cake (yes, there are such people), you imagine that person as a seven layer cake of evil. This is almost sounding like a Donnie Darko bit. Why seven? Seven has significant psychological and historical importance; starting with the seven deadly sins.

This person could be a cake layered with each of those sins starting with unwarranted pride.

This person could also be a cake layered with very evil people throughout history starting with Adolf Hitler and followed by Vlad the Impaler. Add in Charles Manson and Jack the Ripper.

At the end of the day, it’s just a seven layered cake of manipulative, lying, mean-spiritedness, narcissism, wrapped up in unconscionable, combative tyrant icing.

I think it’s time to go to a happy place. Hawaii with mai tais in hand watching the sun set and a fiery red sky to lull you to sleep. For every evil cake, there’s a sunset and sunrise to remind you to live for yourself and those who matter most.

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  1. “Manipulative, lying, mean-spiritedness, narcissism,
    wrapped up in unconscionable, combative tyrant icing”

    Always A Detail and Big Picture Dude True i Counted
    All 7 Layers of Your Evil Cake And You Are Surely

    On the ‘Big Money’
    (For Little Man And
    Or Woman Syndrome)

    With The Ingredients
    Quoted Above And True
    Immediately Three Well Known

    Figures Come to View Trump and
    Indeed Mini DeSaTaNiS Trump me
    And Wanna be


    me Relief
    In Hawaii
    From THese
    ‘Florida Men’
    From Your
    Home Base
    in New York

    too Before

    i Regurgitate
    This Evil Seven
    Layer Cake Again Hehe

    What Else Do Ya Do With Evil
    This Severe Other than Take It Apart
    Ingredient by Ingredient and Regurgitate it Out..;)


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