Go with the choice that scares you the most

Everyday we have choices to make. Pasta or a burger? Netflix or HBOMAX? Listen to the haters or tune them out. The pink or blue eye shadow. Pasta, HBO, tune out the haters, and blue eye shadow are my choices, by the way. Every step of the way, we encounter forks in the road.

Go with what’s more folking and best compliments your tone. Go with the more exciting variety of options. Don’t let others live rent free in your head. Those are just a few pieces of advice.

Here is another bit of advice. Go with the option- the choice- that is scariest for you. Push yourself. Challenge yourself. It is best that you scare yourself versus others creating fear in you.

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  1. Hehe Best Part of
    ReTirement No one
    Can Or Will Fire me With

    No Longer Bare Wheels

    For Pay For Just Being
    me It’s So True And There

    Is More Than the Pay
    of Money to Give Up

    To Truly

    Be Free
    In All Colors
    Of Loving Life Free Brings
    The Rewards Are Inherent
    Often Inclusive Yet Still Mine



  2. Hi Mimi, great post!
    That is exactly what I do in my daily life, to cast away the negativity. Facing challenges makes one stronger.

    Thanks for sharing,



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