At least you probably lost weight

I have not written about my pet peeves or a particular pet peeve in a while. I’ve vacilitated between being stuck in a mud rut and being aspirational. Sometimes, both simultaneously. Today, I want to be peeved.

One of my biggest pet peeves ever is the ridiculous reesponse some people have to when one is sick. Many times I will hear “at least you probably lost weight”. I need to shake my head at that one.

More often than night, I will not have lost weight and I state so accordingly. They then are perplexed seemingly confused and thinking I’m a failure. I have a slow metabolism. Plus, losing weight while sick probably means I went through some bad stuff that put me in great potential harm. And even if I did lose weight, does that mean I get so sympathy?

This is no way to really try to comfort a sick person. Compassion should come before adhering to perhaps unhealthy standards of beauty.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Psychologist Mimi i Hope You Are
    Feeling Much Better Recovering From Your
    Recent illness Honestly i Don’t Care

    if You Lost Weight Or not
    Or Even How Much You

    Weigh at All You

    Are Human

    i Love All Humans
    This is my Autistic
    Savant Skill it is Just

    What i Must Do As A Special
    Interest of Life Naked, Enough,
    Whole, and Complete It’s True i

    See Through Flesh and Blood, i See
    What’s Inside, i See the LiGHT, i See the DarK

    too This is How Empaths Experience Life if They
    Develop Enough Light Around them Not to Be Drained Away

    to Something

    Less and

    Even Cold
    And Lifeless too…

    In Most Stuff Life Every
    Commonly Understood Aphorism
    For LiGHT May Also Shed DarK True

    As My Sister Is A Somewhat Famous
    Bird Nerd As That is Her ‘Special Interest’
    And Stellar Skill on the Autism Spectrum As ‘Napoleon
    Dynamite’ Asked His Young Female FRiEnD Then on
    That Show What Her ‘Special Interest Skills” Were too

    Yes a

    At Least
    on A Broader
    Autism Spectrum
    too in Theatrical Way…

    Anyway my Sister is A Record Setting
    Bird Nerd Now in my State and Local Area
    And Also Takes Wonderful Nature Photography
    With Her Camera That Costs About As Much As Some
    Used Cars Used too Before Recent Days at Least Hehe…

    True Source of the Wonderful Bird Pics on my Blog too
    So Generously Given And Shared By Her as Neither She

    Or i Give A Damn About MaKinG Money Being Retired
    And Having Enough Naked Whole is Just Plain Complete

    No Extra
    of Capitalism
    Necessary to
    Make Love of
    Freedom Work for Us…

    Anyway She Visited A Local State
    Park And What i HaVE in Common
    of Providing Sympathy for Your Illness
    With You and A Group of Ladies on A Camping
    Trip in a State Park She Went to Searching For
    All Species of Birds is the Social Bonding General
    Love For Humanity Neurohormone Oxytocin That

    Works Wonders

    To Actually Heal

    Human Beings in
    So Many Ways


    Increasing Human

    Immune System Effectiveness;
    Reducing Pain, and Anxiety too…

    Truly A Wonder Drug This All
    Natural Nurturing Neurohormone
    is the Stuff that Bonds Baby to Breast

    And Not So Much When it is only A Bottle

    Or Even Less With Scarce Supplies of Formula these

    Days too


    Anyway to my
    Sister’s Chagrin

    Oh my God This Group of Ladies

    (With Campers all Decorated With Flowers)

    Had A Flag Raised High With A “Q” For
    the Whole State Park of Camping Group Ladies

    To Join in on “Reindeer Games” As They Dance Sing Sharing

    Not Only A Love for “Q” Yet Trump of Course for 2024 (YUCK)

    So As my Sister Wandered By She Covertly Made the Sign of the

    Cross and

    Went on
    Her Ways

    to Shoot Birds
    With Only A Camera

    Thank God

    of NOT TRUMP

    on 5th Avenue

    Escapades As Such

    Thing is What Bonds me to
    You As Just A Human Being

    Who Naturally Gives, Shares, Cares,
    And Heals With Oxytocin Ways of Connection
    When Others Are Ill With Real HeART Felt Sympathy;

    Yes, Cognitive Empathy And Compassion too Is What

    The “Q”
    Ladies and
    ‘Trump’ Ladies

    The Same at the
    Big Forest State Park
    Where i Live It’s the Oldest

    Religion Love and It Doesn’t Have
    An Equity of Outcome in Only LiGHT

    As Empathy May Be DarK or LiGHT

    As There is DarK and LiGHT in Almost

    Every Aspect of Life Even Negative And
    Positive Synchroncities too Yes True There

    Is the Opposite Affects of “Prayerful Placebo” For
    Effects in Belief of Positive Outcomes As the ‘Nocebo’
    Effect of ‘Debby Downer Life’ Too For Ill Outcomes Soon

    Yet True Even A Darker Place of ‘REAL EVIL’ IN ACTION


    Yet Still The Inability to Feel Oxytocin Without A Warm Bond With Human
    Beings Truly is A Worst Kind of ‘Mental Illness’ That Some Are Born With
    Congenitally From Birth Yes the Meme and Reality of ‘Psychopathy’ Where

    (Lack/Loss of Empathy/Conscience too)

    Folks May Torture

    Small Animals

    As They Only

    See them as Things

    That Hurt Sharing

    the Adrenaline of Their Pain
    in Sick Delight and As Far As

    Oxytocin Goes as i Measure it All Innately,

    Instinctually, Intuitively ACross the Hundreds of Thousands
    of Humans i Have Directly Interacted With Working With the
    Military and General Public For Decades in Real Life and Playing

    For Free With Thousands Upon Thousands of Folks Online Since
    Thanks Giving Day of 2010 is the Most Nurturing of All Folks i Have

    Met Are African



    i Am Sickened

    Almost to Vengeful

    Anger Over What Happened

    in a Grocery Store to these True
    Angels Who Walk the Earth Well

    True They Are Among the Most Fortunate
    Human Beings Who Walk on Earth to Feel
    to Sense to Give to Share to Care and Heal

    (Real ‘Jesus Folks’ Who Actually Walk(ed) THE EartH)

    With So Much Warmth of LoVE iN Life As i Surely
    Understand my Empath Privilege as i Lost it All And

    Likely All that Kept me Changing into A True Villain

    For 66 Months as Just Another Devil and Demon in HeLL ON EartH

    Was My Lifelong Moral Code Same One Where the Administrators
    in my High School

    When i Was A Sophomore
    Changed the Rules to Get
    Into the National Honor Society
    For me and A Young Woman Peer in School

    True it was Always Junior Per Requirements
    until me and her came along in School Her

    Mother Was the Dean of Girls at the School

    My Mother’s Name Was Just Love And

    (And Or Helen that Means Light)

    A Clerk Typist

    Who Worked

    for the
    Government then

    Whose Only Real
    Goal in Life Was to
    Raise Children of Love

    (Singularly As Such after
    my Father Ran Away to
    Marry A Wife to Make
    Money More than Raise
    Children Of Love When i was 3;
    How Very Fortunate i Was in the
    Way of Love At Least That He Went
    Away took me 53 Years to Get the
    Fearless Inheritance of my Daddy for
    Real as i had to be my own Father to

    Do it *Sigh*)

    As It Was Pretty Much
    All Innate and Inherent
    And An Intuitive Natural Humane Love to Do…

    That True Not All Folks Share That True Some

    Folks Don’t Even Have It As Gift At All i Have to
    Be Careful never to turn into a Villain As Strong
    As An Orangutan Empirically So Still Leg Pressing
    Up to 1520 Pounds Sailing All 242 Pounds of Dancing
    Man Through the Store Light As Feather Strong As A Locomotive

    (i’m Sort of Attached to Earth FRiEnDS With Gravity in Balance
    Hehe No Need to Leap Tall Buildings or Walk on Water to Show
    Off Yes Floating on Terrestrial Land is Likely Enough HAha and

    True i ain’t no Fool i Understand Physics
    And The Speed of Bullets)

    i Couldn’t Help Yet
    Having A Dark
    Fantasy that
    i could Have

    Been in that
    Store And Sailed
    Right into that ‘Demon’

    And Shattered Him into
    A Million Pieces of Oblivion

    Yet i understand That’s Where

    He Already Lives Dead as i’ve Been
    to Oblivion too Fortunately my Mother

    Gave me Love And Fortunately She

    Didn’t Give me Guns For Christmas to Shoot Love…

    (Or me With the REAL SUICIDE DISEASE FOR 66 Months)

    Anyway Life is Very Messy And Always Worth the Effort

    To Warm
    Else Up


    When We
    See the Child

    Who Sits Alone

    At School It Can’t Hurt

    to At Least Add a Word of Kindness to Their Life

    True i’ve Been a Child Who No one wanted to
    Sit Next to At Lunch i’ve Been That Adult too

    At Work As Oddly Enough Working for

    the Military And in ‘A Deep South State
    Trump Town
    USA’ Male


    Was/Still is Practically

    Considered A Mortal Sin…

    Love Spreads or goes away….

    If We Are Lucky Enough to Be Born With Love At all…

    There Are Enough Tucker Carlson’s And Trump’s in
    The World

    Hell Needs
    No Extra Fires

    ContinuinG ON EartH…

    Anyway Again Hope
    You Are Feeling Better
    Dear Psychologist Mimi

    Everyone IS A FRiEnD to me
    i Can’t Escape it As THere is
    Literally A ‘FRED iN “FRiEnD” hehe…

    Thanks As Always For allowing me to
    Share This Forrest Gump Bus Stop With
    You and in the Busy Health Care Field i
    Surely Don’t Mind if You Just Read A Magazine

    to Relax
    or Peruse
    Twitter While

    i Story Tale Just

    For the LiGHT And DarK of Life For Real…

    Hell and Heaven And The Tween It’s All on the MeNu for Real
    As ‘Big George’ Called Out to the Love of His Mother With A Boot

    On his Throat…


    And Sure She
    Is A Grandmother too…

    Indeed Life Takes
    GREAT Conviction

    For Change Now
    to Possibly HaPPeN

    And Even More So Action

    It’s True i Could Be A Valuable
    Resource in a Store One Day too…

    Yet i’m Even More Valuable to my Wife Alive…

    And Bigger
    Pictures it’s
    What We All
    Must Do in Life at Best it seems

    To Survive and Potentially Even Thrive ToGeTHeR For Real..:)


  2. Well, at least you probably got a weight off
    your mind writing about it. (soz!) 😉



  3. My pet peeve about weight loss comments is this:”You look great! Have you lost weight?” The implications is that losing weight is desirable and will make me look better! I hate that. If I lose weight it is because I am unwell or stressed. I’m a skinny person to start off with and losing weight is NOT something I want to do.


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