Everybody at some point needs an ass kicking

“I happen to believe that everybody in this world, at one point in their life, needs an ass kicking. It is an enlightening experience getting your ass kicked. When I got mine, I didn’t enjoy it, but it was a learning experience.”
– Anthony Bourdain

“Nothing cleanses the soul like getting your ass thoroughly kicked.” -Woody Hayes

Everybody knows it. Everybody has gone through it. But not everyone understands or values getting one’s butt kicked. Metaphorically speaking. I’m not advocating violence. But getting knocked down, can make one stronger. Also, a round of ass-kicking can make one humble. If you let it.

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  1. “Chumbawamba -Tubthumping”

    Yes, Two Approaches to Life:

    1. “PiSSinG the Night Away ”


    2. Embrace All the Pain
    And Rise to Heights Never Before

    It’s Like 298 Nights of Dance Hall
    Days From Age 53 to Almost 60

    Since Covid-19 Took That
    Experience Away in 2020 Only Making
    Masked Store Dance More Prevalent for me

    True God Yes Never Taking A Break Facing the

    Crowd Sober the Solo of me Breaking Through

    Those Who Wanted to Erase me From Their

    Crowd Just

    Like Middle

    School Just

    Like Work

    Just Like Some Places
    Online Embrace the Pain

    Marry the Night Merry the Day

    Create Your Own LiGHT And Rise
    Out oF All DarK That Crowd Sources Create

    It’s True i Am in A Position to Do “Jimmy Buffet”
    And “Waste Away in Margaritaville” Yet What Good

    Does Fortune

    And or Fame
    Do Now if it Only

    Brings An Early Demise
    Anyway What Kicked my Butt
    Most Was Not Mastering myself
    in terms of Emotional Regulation
    Sensory Integration Naked Enough
    Whole Complete True i Didn’t Need Much

    Help From
    Else to
    Kick my Own
    Butt in the Greatest
    Poverty of All of Not
    Understanding mY SelF
    mY SoUL mY SPiRiT mY HeART iNDeeD..:)

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