Proud of my son’s strong convictions

Anyone who knows me not even well, knows my son is everything. I’m enormously proud of him. And, often I’m in awe of him. It was a very hard pregnancy. A quick labor. And, a parenting delight. Well, he has now entered his teenage years. This, we’ll see about that delight part. Growing up, I can count on one hand the number of super tantrums. He was mostly about giggling. I loved giggling and tickling him. I’ll admit we still have tickle fights.

One thing that on very rare occasions vexes me, but more often than not, thrills me is his strong-willed nature. He has a very stubborn part to him and he’s not a Taurus like I am. He is immovable, not able to be bribed, on certain things. His beliefs are his beliefs. His sense of right and wrong is strong.

Here’s a recent example. He, along with three other kids, still wear their masks in school. He does not care one bit whether others do or what they think of him. He sees and hears my stories of the clinic and he just wants to be safe and keep others safe. While we were at a restaurant two weekends ago, I was a bit put on by him keeping his mask on. I kept saying that I couldn’t hear him. He took it off and we enjoyed our meal therafter. When we left and walked out, he put his mask back on. I shrugged and let it be. Turns out he was right along to have done so as later that night I developed symptoms. Not surprising since I work in a clinic. But that’s not the point. The thing is he’s strong and I like that. It gives me comfort.

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  1. Kudos to Your Sonโ€™s Conviction
    Of Safety With Intelligent Decisions

    No Matter What A Crowd May Otherwise

    Dictate Saves Lives Yes on this Day NoW as
    The United States Losing A Truly Unfathomable

    Human Resource of Lives to Covid-19 In this Last
    Two Years of A Million

    Souls Studies Show

    Hundreds of Thousands

    Of Lives Could Have Most
    Definitely Be Saved if Only
    Folks Held Convictions of

    Safety Over Freedoms That Do More Harm..:)


  2. I found when my son was in his teenage years he ws a pretty sensible fellow. He had been an absolute little devil as a younger kid.Full of beans and too much energy. But around age 12 he turned into a pretty easy going kid and so on it went.Next thing I knew he was off to university in England. So enjoy it all with your son.


  3. As a mom we always feel proud of our children as they are the beautiful desires of our life! Well shared about your son. Loved it. Stay blessed with him.๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜Š


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