What you put out into the world is like a javelin

Many people go about their daily lives just trying to get by. There’s much going on each and every day. I have to do lists for my to-do lists. Sometimes, as a result, we walk around in a fog. For others, there may not be such a fog. They might be quite purposeful.

Where in a foggy state of being or in a state of a purposeful mindset, resulting actions have actions. You put out into the universe wishes, love, harmful thoughts, fears, bad intentions and the like. We put those out there. They percolate and like a javelin they come right back to you.

Some would say that is karma. I often do as well. You want put out into the universe does create a synergy for which you are responble. You put it out there, you should own it.

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  1. Oh The BLeSSinG of Focus
    NoW on One Task And
    Only One Task in

    Flow The Eagle’s

    Eye on Prey For
    Survival The Eagle’s

    Wings in Attention to

    Escape Potential Predators

    Although There Are Fewer For

    Eagles Than



    About Below

    i Suppose A Moral
    oF A STory is Become
    An Eagle It’s So Much
    Fun to Soar FLoWinG Truly in Focus Now..:)


  2. I own it. Only sometimes do I have the luxury of going back and deleting what I have written.

    I’ve gotten a bit better lately at re-reading – and often removing – my first comment. It is good to get it out of my head and onto the page, not good to let it go out into the Universe.

    So I write – and delete before anyone might read.

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