Time is precious; make sure you spend it with the right people

Most assuredly, there are times at the end of the day where you wonder where the day went. Then you do a quick review of your day and you want to smack yourself. Maybe. Probably.

You look back and you look forward. You flash forward. What do you want to see on the last day of your life? Let me back up in case I seem too morbid. They say, that as you’re dying, your life flashes before you. Snippets. Little bits and pieces of a film retrospective. It’s like going to the Foundry movie theatre in Wadgingyon, DC for two dollars and catching either an old or extremely odd flick. You know, like Heathers or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Why is it movies about Las Vegas are so depressing? Have you seen Leaving Las Vegas?

Anyway, in your flash forwards or life retrospectives, whenever they may come, most assuredly you don’t want to have to review those moments where you were just not in the right place or time. You want your retrospectives to include quality people. Ask yourself this. How many minutes, or even hours, did you spend today with the right people. Whoever they might be. Whatever your definition might be.

I was told recently that some people worried about me and my health. I work too hard. I put in too much effort. Yes. I’m just saying yes. Those people who claim to worry about you, do they really? Are they the ones you want in your retrospective? Only you can decide. Only you can make a move.

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  1. Funny Little Synchronicities Now
    When Answers Come New Before
    Questions it Happens
    Over and Over
    It Seems
    Any Lists at all
    So Much Different
    Now Than That Other
    Place Then WHere Time
    Never FLoWeD in ReVerse ThiS Way…
    It’s Like ‘The Meaning of Life’ When
    That Finds
    Us You Them
    me We iN This i..:)


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