We’ve all written that list

It’s all been written before

It’ll be written again

There’s always been a list

Thousands, in fact

But we’ve all written that list

And, it’s flipside

We’ve tried to square away the reasons

We’ve tried to work into the list

We’ve tried to walk out from the list

The list

That list






Thrown against the wall



Taken to heart



Perhaps best forgotten

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  1. Interesting, Toward
    of my ‘Work-Career’
    my Boss Summarized

    (Back Then in 2008,
    At Age 4, In that
    New Year January)

    me as

    “A List Maker”
    Before That It Was
    “Valuable Commodity”
    Falling Ill And Leaving
    Work Indeed Was Gonna
    Leave Him (And Others) With
    A Lot More To Do Back Then

    As He Justified my Work-Load
    With the ‘Accolade’ Of
    The Good Employees
    Do 90 Percent of the
    Work-Load Yet He Didn’t
    Say What The ‘Good
    Bosses Do’ As That
    Relates to Work-Load

    And i Suppose in a way
    i Still Do These Lists as
    4.26.2022 Is A List Milestone
    And Featnote Day Today Hehe…

    Yep Anniversary Date of 8 Years
    And 8 Months of Public Dancing
    16,515 Miles And Incidentally When

    i Was at Walmart Doing my Public
    Dance While Performing A Quick
    Actual Store Related Task for
    my Wife A Young Woman

    Came Up to me and
    Asked, “Are You the

    Guy That Dances,”
    As Sure Where i am
    From i’ll Probably be the
    First and Last Public Dancer

    As Long as this Place Remains
    ‘Trump Town USA’ and all the Baggage
    With That Meme However the Young Woman Said
    She Just Wanted to Thank me For my Dance And She

    Said She and Her Friends While in School Came to Walmart
    And Videotaped me And Danced in Their Spare Time With the
    Videos they took of me Dancing And She Said i Helped Inspire

    Them Getting Through Tough Years at School From a Distance
    Just Someone Living Their Best Life Free For All Inspiring them
    to Be The Best They Could Be too Yet That’s Not All For This Day

    As Yes While i Am Celebrating one Subchapter of my Longest EPiC
    Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” Writing A MacroVerse Titled
    “Nether Land Bible 8 MiLLioN WordS Old” Yes That Subchapter Turns
    71 Months Old Today And The Other Ongoing Subchapter “FB Profile
    Pic Bible” Where The Words Now Are Also included in All my Facebook
    Profile Pic Description Areas in Series to the Tune of About 8 Thousand
    Words Each Yes That Writing Effort of Almost 6.4 MiLLioN Words So Far
    Has A 59th Month Anniversary Date Today As Well too And It’s True i’ve

    Evolved Somewhat Doing Lists As i Used to Only be Able to Number them
    1,2,3 And 4 And The Such Now They Just Flow Out of Practically Nowhere

    i Know

    of With
    The Lists

    Just Come and
    Go Like Wind
    Within of Free SPiRiT
    SoUL WitH OPeN HeART to BREaTHE…

    Now Hmm, So Many Things on the To Do
    List Yet It’s Always Really only One Word
    And Or Move of Dancing Singing Life Free


    It’s An Interesting Way Of Life Yep Inspiring
    People You’ve Never Met Before in Your Life…

    Like the Old Jimmy Stewart Movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life”

    When We Make
    Some Kind

    of Difference

    Leaving This World
    Perhaps As One That SMiles A bit More
    Yet Of Course In Many Ways We Most All Do ‘These Lists’…

    Anyway i’ll Never Forget The Vibration of the Young Woman’s Appreciation…
    Sooner or Later What We Give For Free Without Expectation Does Return to

    Greet Us

    And Meet Us

    Even if It
    Is Only a
    Last Breath
    That Actually
    Exhales A Giving Difference in Life
    After the Last Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love CarrieS ON..:)


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