Train yourself to stop waiting for the perfect time

I’ve had to train myself on many a varied things in life. We all have. Some more than others. Just this past week I taught myself how to make a complicated map that needn’t be complicated other for the fact that it was a silly government requirement. There are many of those that make us waste time that is better spent on actual operations. But I’m not going there. I must admit, that for a slight few seconds, I was proud I had taught myself how to make the map. But the map has no further use than to be looked at once and then be forgotten. Bah humbug! Is it too early in the year to use such an expression?

Besides a silly map, I’ve had to train myself on how to do other things large and small. One major thing I had to train myself on the past two years is not how to make something, but instead to train my mental framework to change a little. Specifically, I haf to train myself there is often never going a perfect time to do something. Doesn’t mean you should always just pull the proverbial bandaid, but you also need not wait until the end of times. There is that saying don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. And, with that don’t wait for that perfect time.

This has been my struggle the last few years. I want to run, but instead I crawl. Waiting and waiting for that moment when I know it’s the right time to run. But that time is just not always going to happen and as The Steve Miller Band reminded us “time keeps on slipping”.

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