Oh, the good old and new days

Oh, the good old days. The days I ran through the fire hydrant’s splashing waters with great abandon. The days I put banana slices in my Frosted Flakes. The days where I could love both Duran Duran and Guns N Roses. The days in which I wrote long letters in cursive and mailed them out. The days when people would write back with an even longer letter.

Back when twinkies seemed lke a good thing to eat. Back when Bill Cosby seemed like a wholesome family man. Back at a time where we were supposedly slackers but became entrepreneurs, i.e. Elon Musk.

But back to the here and now. I can look back on the past with some fondness. But I can also enjoy the here and now. For instance, these are the good new days where all types of food can be delivered to one’s house by clicking a button on a phone. Now, instead of four main neteorks we have many channel selections. Having over 550 shows to select from. Well, this is good and bad. Out of those 550, I’ll probably just watch ten. Also, one slightly bad thing is that with so many shows what do you end up talking about at the watercooler? But back to the good.

I can listen to endless hours of music through countless device types: iPod, phone, Alexa, Spotify and so forth. Music is everywhere. That means we can have a good cry when needed. That means I can tap dance my way across the room.

Nostalgia can be great. Living in the moment even better.

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  1. SMiLes When i Was A Small Child
    i Dreamed of A Machine With Buttons
    That Would Answer all My Questions
    Such A ‘Four-Eyed Nerd’ i Am then
    And Now It Happened
    It Really Happened
    ‘Revenge of the
    Nerds’ and
    Is Truly in Vogue
    All the Worker Bees
    In Laser Focus Building
    This Hive That We Eccentrics
    Will Truly Thrive in Erasing the
    Middle Men Before into Oblivion Hehe…
    A Sign of ‘These Days’ Yes, The Richest Dude
    in the World Elon Musk with Asperger’s Syndrome
    And Of Course, There is Zuckerberg, Gates, And Jobs
    And This Apple
    of Knowledge
    And Arts
    i Continue
    To Consume
    And Spit Out Like
    Niagara Falls Close
    to Where You Live in New York too…
    Fortunately, LiVE iN Chefs Are Still the
    Best Where i LiVE And True She has
    Over 500 Channels to Stay Content too…
    Just Imagine All the Songs Ever Recorded
    At Our Finger Tips For Practically Free All the
    Knowledge And Arts For Us to Peruse Heaven
    For Eccentrics
    And Nerds Indeed
    A New World Of Being
    Whoever We Wanna Be New Now…
    And On Top of that There is That Garden
    Of Eden For Real in my BackYard Never
    Paying Taxes All of it All Paid Off too It’s
    True ‘Life’s
    Been Good’
    So Far That
    Was A Great Song by Joe
    Walsh And Still Is too With Smiles
    Don’t Need Any Maserati… Honda
    Civic Will Do Still Building My Own
    And Blood New…
    “They say I’m lazy but it takes all my time
    (Everybody say, “Oh yeah, ” “Oh yeah”)
    I keep on goin’ guess I’ll never know why
    Life’s been good to me so far
    Ah, yeah, yeah”
    SMiLes Have
    A Very Nice Day With SMiLes
    Yet i Ain’t Telling NoBody What They Have to Do..;)


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