I wish all days could be Easter

Easter brings, springs up, fond memories. I don’t recall a rainy Easter day. Although my birthday, which is coming up shortly, is almost always rainy. Easter egg hunts were a delightful time in which my son just ran and ran giggling while he picked up stuff from the ground. Easter has allowed me to showcase my creativity and a bit of my competitive nature, as I made Easter baskets for his classmates.

Easter has also brought the family together in ways that differed from other events. Thanksgiving has such a focus on food and getting it right. Christmas has some pressure to it in terms of meeting expectations. Easter, on the hand, was about true joy. It is, and has been, a time to rejoice and rejuvenate. And to find a very nice and fun Easter bonnet.

The sun is beaming. And my spirit lifted. Although, I will admit to one thing I do like about this day. Those marshmallow peeps are too gooey and sweet. But, I’ll even take those of it meant everyday could be this full of festivity for the mind and spirit.

I welcome your thoughts

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